Friday, March 4, 2016

Rating a Nancy Drew

How do you Rate a Nancy Drew Mystery Book

When it comes to rating a Nancy Drew Book I look for the enjoyment I got out of the book more then nit picking the story, the characters, and the plot. I take into the account that this is a book written sometime ago (Originally before 1960 For the one's I have read). Wording will have changed (slang terms, unfamiliar items, or techniques that we don't often hear), clothing, sexism is present (But it doesn't rub it in your face with negatives, it's part of the time), relationships, and just about everything feels a little different then nowadays because it was a different era. It is to be expected.

You have to always remember that these books were written as standalone with the set purpose of capturing young audiences. They were also published in bursts. Not one every so many months but in short bursts allowing for people to buy them in bulk and enjoy them quickly. It's a quick read. All the books ended leading you to know that there was another mystery around the corner. They also decided that Nancy Drew couldn't get married or have kids or truly progress in that way. They wanted the viewer to stay focused on the same character structure that you could rely on in every book with the same bunch of people for long periods of time.

So I rate by enjoyment. And these basic questions:
Did the story make sense from beginning to end?
Was there anything that felt off or something not explained?
Did the outcome satisfy me?
By the end of the book was I smiling? (This is very important. A book like this should make you smile.)

If all of these are met, then I will rate it a five because I know that young people, preteens, teens, and kids would love it. I believe they would be even thrilled to read through one of these books and I hope they do!! We need more Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy readers. :)

If I am left feeling unsure about the outcome or unsatisfied in anyway I try to figure out why. Did the end not feel right? Was the twist so left field that I didn't enjoy the led up to it because only a scientist saw it coming? Was a character not as strong or as weak as I think they should have been for a scene? This will make me give it a 4 star rating and in a rare case a 3. You would have to really leave me feeling off to get a 3. But it happens.

As of right now a 1 or 2 star has yet to be seen for a Nancy Drew Book by me and I hope to never give one. But there is always a chance. Maybe after I finished Nancy Drew I should start reading The Hardy Boys! :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy