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Except from Saving Grace

Title: Saving Grace
Genre: paranormal romance
Release date: 2014
Grace is a woman running from her past to save her daughter, and Sebastian is a man willing to do anything to keep her safe. All she has to do is let him, but with the kidnapping of her daughter can she really trust this stranger to do the impossible? Can he bring back her daughter and then keep them safe? And what exactly does he mean by she’s his beloved?

-----------Teaser Excerpt----------

Sebastian sighed lowering his face against mine. Our head pressed together, lips barely grazing one another. I closed my eyes with heightened senses as his lips moved to speak running hot breath against me and awakening a tightening deep within me causing me to squirm under the grip of his other arm.
“Give me a name? Give me a location? Give me something to point me in your direction. Let me prove to you I am real,” he begged against me. I couldn’t move. My voice was locked away in a box within the base of my throat. He pressed harder against me. “I am Vampirium and have found my beloved, but this is almost too much to bear, seeing you so close and knowing not where you really are.”
“Let me find you,” he whispered. “Let me help fight off all of these fears and pain I feel boiling within your mind tearing at me as well.”
I cracked open my eyes. Again I wondered if it could be real. If any of it was real. “If only you could take it all away. Even for a moment,” I whispered back against his lips.
“I can. If you will let me,” he breathed in pulling my lips against his. I wrapped my arms around his neck lifting my body higher up against as he arched me back. Our bodies danced against one another.
I moaned into his mouth increasing the passion between us.
I had forgotten what it felt like to be kissed tenderly and with such force. To feel safe and alive all rolled up into one. For a moment it made me forget that none of this was real, but why should I care? Why take away from this perfect moment and ruin it with reality.
Let me have my fantasy. I deserve it.
I pulled away burring head into his neck where I kissed him softly. He stretched back in pleasure releasing a deep agonizing sigh before pulling my head back and holding me captivate by his glowing grey eyes.
“How was that?” Sebastian voice was rough. It sent a tingle into my ankles and up my thighs like walking on cold smooth rocks.
“That was nice,” I reached a finger up and touched his lips wanting another taste.
“Please find me,” he spoke in desperation. “If you will not give me your name or where to find you please come to me.”
“I’m right here.”
“No,” he replied softly and sadly. “You’re not my beloved. You are miles away from me.”
“Vampirium, beloved, confusion with reality, my mind sure has a way of sorting itself out.”
“There is a place, just like this, in Evens, Louisiana,” he started ignoring my comment. “You travel down highway 28 until you get to an intersection, turn left. Down there you will find yourself heading straight into Evans where there is a small school on your left and a gas station on your right. Turn there. Take that right and follow that road all the way to the end. It isn’t the most well-kept road, but it’s still a road. It will go from paved to gravel, to dirt, and when you think there’s nowhere else to go keep going. Follow a path just wide enough for a small car with brush on either side. It will lead you here. And to me.”
His voice lowered and my head spun.
“Will you just kiss me again?” I asked against my vampire guy when suddenly his face went skewed, his hands were no longer on me, and the world shifted. My eyes weighed heavy and my body leaned back. I fell into the darkness and the unknown, gasping for breath.

My eyes shot open to the panicked sound of my eight year old daughter’s voice. I turned fast in the bed, pulled free from the sheets, sat up, and pulled my little Penelope into my arms.
She was sobbing.
“What’s wrong? Penny?” I reached over, flicking a switch next to the bed, bringing dim light into the old hotel room. If the peeling paint outside our door wasn’t a sign of how cheep the hotel was that we were staying in than defiantly the disgusting d├ęcor, off color walls, and odd smelling pillows -which we used clothes under our heads instead- would do it.
But a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do to keep her girl safe, even if that meat waking up every night to comfort Penny’s sobs or look for the boogie man.
I searched for an answer to my daughter’s panic instantly looking around the room at the shut blinds, locked door, and then towards the bathroom, which was ajar. I couldn’t remember leaving it open and instantly my chest tightened.
I rubbed Penny’s head calming her down as I slid my hand across my thigh to the small nightstand where my gun was placed, and to my relief, still was on further discovery. I had never been fond of guns. Robert, my ex-boyfriend, always carried one or had one in the house, but I hated them. It wasn’t until I really considered the idea of running that I thought, no, I knew I would need one. Now I was carefully wrapping my fingers around the small bersa thunder which Robert called mine, but it wasn’t a gift, it was a death sentence. It was my little Grim Reaper he would sometimes joke and if I would ever leave him he would use this gun to hunt me down with.
Now it belonged to me. The Irony.
“I had a bad dream,” Penny buried her head deeper against me, but my attention was locked onto the bathroom door. Holding Penny with one arm and the gun with the other I slid out of bed.
“It’ll be okay baby,” I hushed her as I moved her into the chair in front of the small table.
“There was a man, and he was trying to hurt you,” Penny continue to sob.
“It’s okay, it was only a dream,” I comforted her as I made my way towards the bathroom. I lifted the gun quietly out in front of me cupping my other hand below the butt like I remembered them do in the early morning crimes shows I watched while Robert was out. Never did I think I would actually be trying to recall anything I saw on TV in real life, but boy was I feeling thankful right about now.
My heart slammed against my chest making every sound distorted and confusing. My breathing all but gone in the far reaching of my throat while I tried to remember not to keep my eyes open, don’t squeeze the trigger too hard, and yes, the safety is off.
I reached out and in one swift motion I pulled open the heavy door and flipped on the light.
I let out a ragged breath of air, lowered my gun, and looked back at my darling baby girl. Her feet were tucked against her chest, arms tightly around her knees, as she rambled on about what had happened in her dream. But as she continued I could see it all playing out before me.
It wasn’t a dream. Penny was remembering what had actually happened to me. I still had the scar were a bullet grazed me as I was attacked by one of Robert goons, friends, employees-whatever you want to call them.
I had never felt so terrified and enraged in all my life. Penny was asleep on the couch when they came barging in. Just two men was all he sent, if there had been more I would have been killed. Adrenaline flooded my system. I never heard him pull the trigger, but I did hear the impact in the wall behind me as I had fled into a bedroom, where I had two things.
I had a bottle of pepper spray and my gun I took when Rob ended up in prison. Needless to say I reached the pepper spray first as both men entered the room and the most terrifying part was I knew them. I had met both of the men before. It was then that I knew they were from Robert. It was then that I truly knew I was a goner as Robert’s soon-to-be Parlor officer entered the room.
But I was lucky.
I hesitate to remember every detail and it pained me more that Penny was aware of the whole thing and that it was haunting her each night.
The partially healed bullet graze against my side and under my arm ached. The wound, now four days old, had finally stopped bleeding. It had been easy to open the wound and I knew I should have sought out medical attention, but I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t risk who else knew about me, about us. I wasn’t going to stay in that dreaded state another day.
So we ran and here we were, in a cheap motel outside of Louisiana. Four days later. I call that an accomplishment.
But it’s not over with.
We have to get away. We have to get even farther away. I have to find a way to free my daughter.
That’s what they wanted. Robert wanted what was his, my little Penelope. God, how I wished I hadn’t ever gotten involved with a drug dealer. There was just no escaping him. If it wasn’t him, it was one of his friends who had been keeping tabs on us.
I thought we were safe. I thought I knew who I could trust. But this whole time he had been calling the shots. He had been the one in control just waiting as I tried to gather my things to leave him behind and just when I think we have a chance all hell breaks loose.
Not this time. He won’t get us this time. I’ll run until I find someone I can trust. Until I can find an officer who won’t just send me back to Florida for an outstanding Warrant pace out on me shortly after I left. We can’t go back.
I scooped Penny up into my arms again and moved her back to the bed we shared.
“He hurt you and I was so scared,” Penny rubbed deeply into her eyes. I gently took her small hands and pulled them away from her face with a smile.
“I’m okay,” I kissed her hands. “And you’re okay. No one is going to hurt us.”
“You promise?” her eyes were puffy and red. Her lips pushed out. I didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t afford to hesitate as I pulled her into my arms.
“Of course I promise.”
After another quiet minute I pulled back and made a funny face bringing a smile across her red face. And then I proceeded to turn into the tickle monster and wrestle her to the bed until she could barely breathe from laughter.
After a little rough housing it was back to bed, but this time with the light on and Penny tucked into my armpit like a kitten with cute little snores.
What were we going to do? That was a very good question.
I needed more time to think. I couldn’t go to the police, not just yet. I just need a little more time to work things out. We just need to get a little further out of his reach.
“Just a little further,” I breathed running my hand along Penny’s hair.

Even with such troubling thoughts exhaustion took over forcing me to leave my post and get some much needed rest, but first back to a certain dream…

~Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

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Free Scary Story!

When Darkness Falls
by Brenda Franklin

There’s a house, much like any other house, sitting at the end of an old road. Neighbors keep to themselves and yet are friendly enough to help if anything happens, but not for this house.

The windows are bared, the doors are locked on the outside, and the yard is one big trap. Signs are posted everywhere in warning as to the danger of crossing into the yard. Warnings of the barbed wire fence, the line of electrical wire before that, and plenty of surprises that lie in wait within the tall grass.

What could possibly cause a person to do this to their home? Is there a deranged psychopath lying in wait? A murderer keeping their victims locked away for safe keeping? Or, could something worse be trapped at the end of Cain Road? And what happens if it gets out?


This is a quick read published through Smashwords. I plan to continue to have a free scary story release every year that I write in October. So, I look forward to scaring you next year. :)

~Brenda Franklin~
Author of:
A Steady Pulse
Barely Beating
Flat Line
Guardian, A Fated Pairing
As well as
The Lady With Blue Lips (Free Scary Story)

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A few Questions for the Pulse Trilogy

These are a few questions that I have put together for you about The Pulse Trilogy.
Why the Pulse Trilogy and what was the experience like?
I wanted my own vampire romance, as cheesy as that may sound. I have read many books and when I was younger I had all these ideas on what I wanted to do. So why not create my own. To have an outcome of my own design, though at times it felt as if the characters knew more than me, and most importantly a cast of characters that I had created. I could make them fall in love, or destroy each other with a few simple lines. It was a fun experience and something that I will always remember. Even as I branch out and continue writing I am very happy with my first series.
This whole adventure has been a great learning experience and I have met so many people along the way that have helped me understand just what goes into being an indie author. I am both blessed and honored at everyone I have met. The writers, the reviewers, and the bloggers have all showed me a completely different side to being a writer that I didn’t see when I first dove into this career path last year.

Three things I have learned so far in this journey is:
1.) Don’t be afraid to call on others for help. (Such as editing, cover design, and research)
2.) You’re book wont advertise itself. (Blog, tweet, joins groups, and pass it along to family and friends)
3.) Accept rejection and understand that you can’t please everyone.

Who was your favorite character?

I love my main characters, Elizabeth and Virgil, but if I had to pick a favorite girl I think it would be Bethany, Elizabeth’s friend. Now, my favorite guy would have to be Virgil Hart. I could never pick another guy above him. He’s loyal, courageous, has a big heart, and though he carries a lot of baggage he’s just the right amount of emotion to make anyone love him.

Did you have a song you loved to listen to when writing?

Gosh, I loved listening to Linkin Park, Worn by Tenth Avenue, Adele, Celtic women, Nox arcana, and the epic music to the mini-series the Bible. There were others but these are on a folder I have that I just play over and over until my ears are bleeding.

Who is your favorite couple?

I love Elizabeth and Virgil most of all, but there are two other relationships I have thought about that I completely love as well, and that would be Bethany and Lucas, which you meet in the third book, but they aren’t a couple yet. The second is William and Cassandra. I know we don’t really hear another about them except tragedy, but I love how their story plays out in my head and I have already begun to work on a story to explain exactly what I mean. J

What was your favorite scene to write?

In A Steady Pulse I loved writing the scene with the old brothers (name?). They are fun and loveable and their conversation was priceless. In Barley Beating I loved writing the scene where Bethany and Virgil were face to face in, what appears to be, Beth’s final moments. In Flat Line I would have to say that the death of ____ was my favorite scene…. Oh come on, like I was really going to tell you who died. J

After finishing the book how do you feel now?

I feel so excited because I can now shift some of my attention to many other projects I have in the works.

Will there be more to the series later? Or perhaps a different set of books with a different character in the same world?

I would love to come back to my Pulse World, but not with the same leading characters. Perhaps a standalone finally revealing Garrison’s past, what the hunters are truly trying to prevent from happening, where did the vampires come from, and what happens ten years from when the Pulse series takes place? I’m also thinking a prequel to The Pulse Series exploring what happened between William and his family. These are all things I have running through my head on how I could carry on, but for now I am just going to focus on perfecting the three books I have in the Trilogy.

What’s the next project?

I have many projects in the works that I look forward to sharing with you:
A horror story for October, a new series I want to start in November, a new paranormal romance book called Saving Grace, and I’m working on my middle grade book.
My last project is a fun one. I can finally start creating the world of Middle-Lands and begin plotting out exactly where I would love to take the series. Yes, series. I’m not going to limit this one to just one book or even three this time because the possibilities are limitless! And I’m so excited to get started that I might just skip the other three projects to do this one. haha

Many thanks too:

I would like to thank my husband, Shawn, and my best friend Mi’sha, for helping me break through the concrete walls in my mind that said I couldn’t do this. They are amazing and I might have neglected them both a little too much as I wrote the last book. J Sorry! I love you both so much!
To my blogger and jewelry crafter of a sister, Becky Shelton, thank you for listening to my rants and pushing my ideas further, though I didn’t listen sometimes. And thanks again for reading my very first draft of A Steady Pulse, I know that was probably a little painful. haha

I also can’t thank Ashley Wied enough for making my three wonderful ebook covers. I couldn’t have asked for better images. They are beautiful and you are also such a wonderful person. Thank you always.

If you have any questions for me just post them in the comments and I'll post and answer them. :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy.

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Sample of: the Adventures of Kyle and Jordan!

The Adventures of Kyle and Jordan
My Neighbor’s a Vampire!

Chapter one: An unnatural Girl

Miss Jenks was the seventh grade teacher for room 513. Her Class was considered one of the smallest consisting of twelve boys and eight girls. It was only the first month and already four students had left and one switched classes due to extra-curricular activities. So it wasn’t unusual when the Principe showed up with a new student Monday morning. Though unusual was not quite what I would call her.
“Miss Jenks?” Principle Carrey knocked on the door lightly trying not to disturbed the half conscious class from their readings.
The teacher, Miss Jenks, was a heavy set older woman with hair the color of the afternoon before a rain when the sky has a hue of yellow and orange. Her eyes big and brown like an owl who watched over the room to ensure no child went to sleep from her small seat in front of the chalk board.
Every morning the same twenty minutes of reading than you write about it before spending the rest of the hour working out of the reading and grammar books. Soon follows History and Geography before the lunch break. Once lunch is out of the way than starts P.E. with Coach Moore, and back to the class room with science before ending with math, but this Monday morning was not any normal school morning.
 “Yes, Ma’am?” Miss Jenks replied getting to her feet. Stepping into the class room was the middle aged, short, red head with small oval eyes.
“I brought you a new student,” the woman stepped back making room for a young girl to step in. The whole room perked up to get a look at her.  The poor girl looked as though no one had given her anything to eat in a while. She was all skin and bones. Her small knees stuck out between her purple plaid pleated skirt and her purple stockings led down to her little black flats. She wore a long sleeved pastel purple button up shirt with the sleeves pushed up at the elbows. Each bent holding onto her large backpack strap on her right shoulder. Her skin was liquid paper white and her hair so black that the sun could not give it light.
She didn’t look at anyone as the principal passed her into the welcoming hands of Miss Jenks. They shared a few words before Mrs. Carrey left leaving the girl to Miss Jenks. Miss Jenks silenced the ever growing whispers in the room.
“Okay everyone. Listen up.” The room grew silent. “This is Clara Louis. Her family just moved to here, so let’s treat her with a warm welcome. Okay? Clara, how about you take the seat up front next to Abigail and Tyler?”
“Yeah, we get the creepy one. Aren’t we lucky?” Tyler mumbled as Abigail giggled. They were the worst pair to be around. They were evil and they deserved each other. Instantly Jordan, my twin brother--a mousey auburn hair boy with thick glasses--rose up his hand. We looked nothing alike and acted completely different.
“She can sit here.” Jordan pointed to the desk right behind me. I shot him a, ‘what are you thinking!’ look and sunk down in my chair. Jordan was such a softy, but not I. I was more of the run free lone wolf kind of guy.
“That’s a great idea Jordan.” Miss Jenks clapped lightly and pointed the desk to the girl. She slowly moved towards me. Just as she got to my desk I looked up into her eyes. Almond shaped Amber eyes with silver close to the iris. My chest grew heavy with each breath and my grip on the corner of the desk tightened as though I would fall over and onto the floor, but I felt higher than the floor.
I was on a cliff. We were on a cliff! There was no longer the large classroom and all the desks, no people, no teacher, just Clara and myself.
No walls. No ceiling. No cliff. No floor.
A feeling of utter terror and loneliness coursed through me.
“Kyle?” Gasping I jerked my head away from the still walking Clara to look at Jordan who was leaning over to whisper to me. “Isn’t she cool?” I barley nodded.
Touching my chest I could feel its calming beat. I was alive. Everything was real again.
“I’m sorry.” Clara whispered faintly behind me. I acted as though I didn’t notice and kept looking to Jordan who gave me a big grin and a slight thumbs-up with excitement of our newcomer.
I just smiled and laid my head down on the cold desk. Jordan’s past time consisted of doing his homework, helping mom with chores, and joining me on adventures. We spent a lot of time fighting invisible monsters and impossible creatures.
Who wouldn’t want to battle zombies in their backyard woods or save drowning princesses in the small watering hole at the end of the property which I know the evil emperor’s son loves to play in when the emperor’s away. He’s a nice kid.
The rest of my day went by easily. I took out a troll who tried to eat my food in the cafeteria by feeding him green beans.

Mental note: Trolls are allergic to green beans. Bring some in your pockets.

I also had a rough time with a two headed monster in the bathroom, but thankfully I was able to sneak by and make my escape without being detected. Some days you just get lucky.
After a few more hours of class I was counting down. I waited for the explosion that sent the kids rushing around like ants when you poke at their colony. Though you don’t want to keep your hand in the ant pile for too long or else it spells trouble.

Mental note: Use a Stick.

“All right class. Get your things together. The bell should be ringing any minute.” Mrs. Jenks announced tapping her papers on her desk and removing her glasses. I had just finished my doodle of her shadow eating half the classroom while Jordan was discovering her weakness. It was her glasses. Her power came from in her glasses. Thankfully the class was safe for one more day.
“Hey Kyle? You gonna to get your stuff?” Jordan asked sitting his backpack in his chair. He leaned over and took notice to my scribbles across our homework assignment. He laughed and looked over at Mrs. Jenks.
“We’re safe today.” He said giving the thumbs up.
“Just barley, maybe we will get lucky and she will eat the mean team up in the corner next time.” I said referring to the siblings in the room that made it a past time for sucking up to the teacher and making fun of the other underlings to their society.

Mental note: ---

The bell went off dismissing the school.
“We’ll think of something.” Jordan handed me my bag and I quickly shoved my books into it.
“We mustn’t keep The Duke waiting.” Jordan chimed in as I struggled between remembering what books I needed to bring home.
“I know.” I answered.
“Clara? Do you know what bus you are riding on?” Mrs. Jenks asked as I almost made my escape, but she called after me the moment the stick figure said my bus number.
“Kyle! Jordan!” I returned slowly, but Jordan rushed back as though someone was in danger. “Clara follow these boys they’ll get you there okay.” Clara nodded and took a few steps closer. “She is riding on your bus. Just make sure she gets on and let your bus driver know. Okay?”
“Yes ma’am.” Jordan answered.
And like that we were a group of three moving through the halls being starred at because of the way Clara looked. You think her family would at least feed her something? Maybe they didn’t. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind that maybe her family was a mean one and that she lives in the doghouse out back where they sometime throw her scraps of food.
I felt for her a little bit more, but not like Jordan. He was talking away trying to find something to get her going. So far he had brought up his ant farm, his pet flying squirrel named Rodent, and his love for vegetables. None of which was getting a response out of her.
We made it to the bus were The Duke was expecting our arrival as he does every day. Our bus was packed three to a seat except the last few seats in the back which thankfully Jordan and I had one of those. I headed straight to our seat letting Jordan do all the talking. I always loved the view from the window.
Jordan took his usually seat next to me taking off his backpack and sitting it on the floor between his legs. I almost didn’t notice when he pushed against me. Almost.
“Kyle! Clara gets off at the same spot. She lives on our road! Isn’t that amazing?” Jordan pushed up his glasses with excitement.
“Yeah,” what else was I going to say? My day just became ruined by the walking stick because Jordan is going to want to know where and then tale our mom. I will not hear the end of this for a while. There go plans of fighting the wolf pack coming through town tonight on the full moon.
“Did you just move in yesterday?” Jordan asked. She nodded. She quickly tucked her hair behind her ear and kept her eyes to the floor.
“Where do you live?” Jordan pushed after giving me a little shrug. He was determined.
He had just about given up until her soft little voice answered.
“403 Kings Road. Mom had me memorize the address…403 Kings Road.”
I couldn’t believe she spoke. At least she lives. I was starting to think stick girl here was a zombie. A pretty and quiet zombie that avoided eye contact in worry that she would crave something to eat.
“403…Wait! We’re 404! We’re right across the street.” Jordan nudged me a little ever more excited and now I was sinking lower and lower into my seat.
“I’m Jordan and this is Kyle. We’re brothers. Actually twins! Our dad is away, overseas, “
“I think she gets the point Jordan. We live together.” I stated catching Clara’s movement away from us. She was almost off of the seat and in the aisle. She was more than a little freaked.
“Are you okay?” I asked watching her hold her backpack like her life depended upon. That must be where she keeps the body parts of her latest victims to snack on during school.
“First time on a bus.” She whispered.
“Well you don’t want to sit that far off the seat. The Duke will have a fit. Not to mention with his crazy driving you could really get hurt.” I spoke up concerned.
“It’s okay. I don’t’ bite.” Jordan said trying to squeeze the life out of me against a wall that wasn’t going to move.
“Don’t let him fool you. He’s a nerdy wolf in disguise, on the night of the full moon he plays sorcerer of the Realm of Madness, where his companion is a small book of spells that talks to him guiding his hand for Justice!” I rambled on catching a smile across Clara’s face and finally a laugh.
“And Kyle’s all bark, but no bite. He runs around acting all high and mighty but he’s a softy. He saved a drowning princess the other day.” Jordan added catching onto the fact that it amused her.
She slowly moved back over onto the seat.
“So your parent’s always drove you to school?” I listened in curiously.
“No. I haven’t gone to school before.”
“What? Really? How’d you win that sweet deal?” I asked leaning past Jordan. He didn’t understand my irritation with school and the feeling of being confined.
“Um…I was home schooled and then we moved…and they wanted to try something new. Something about it being okay since my birthday and all.”
“I’m sorry.” I whispered and Jordan nodded before shooting me a weird look.
“I think you are going to love school. It is wonderful and full of all sorts of facts and information. It really is fun once you get the hang of it.”
“I learned a lot of things from my parents.”
“Yeah, but now you can make friends like us.” Jordan announced and she seemed to respond to his words.
“I have family.” She added.
“Yeah, but friends are different. Well, they are like family but not… I don’t really know what to say.” As Jordan thought about it for a moment I was staring out the window watching the kids get off the bus and their parents meeting them partway. Only a few more streets to go before it would be our turn to get off with the zombie.
“My parents are in town on family business. They are going to be spending a lot of time away from home.”
“What do they do?” Jordan continued to talk to her. I just happened to be listening.
“I’m not allowed to say. I just know they told me I’d understand when I got older.”
“All parents say the same thing!” I added.
“Really?” She asked running her hand behind her ear again.
“Some, but that’s only because it’s true.” Jordan added messing with his backpack strap which was wrapping around his moving leg.
With a few more final sharp turns and stops they were ready to get off.
“Clara, this is our stop.” I reminded her as she quickly rose to her feet and began the long slow journey to get to the front of the bus. There wasn’t many people left on the bus, but what few there were made her uncomfortable. When she made it to the top of the stairs she nearly jumped off the bus and bolted across the road to her house where a tall and pale looking woman greeted her with a hug.
The woman looked healthy in comparison to Clara. A nice full figure and she wasn’t afraid to look Kyle and Jordan in the face. She pushed Clara inside and quickly crossed the street where we stood watching the bus drive off.
“Hi. Kyle and Jordan?” She asked picking each of us correctly after saying our names.
“Yes, Ma’am.” We said.
“Hi. I’m Carol Louis, Clara’s mom. I just wanted to thank you for helping her out today on her first day of school. It’s something new to her and she is very shy.” The woman spoke kind and clear while shaking our hands.
“So you moved in last night?” I asked questioning how they could have moved in without being noticed and had everything ready to go.
“It was a long trip. Do you live here?” She asked pointing to the small three bedroom house behind us.
“Yes, Ma’am.” I responded.
“Kyle! Jordan—Oh! Good afternoon. How can we help you?” Our mom, Meredith, stepped out of the house and walked across the lawn to meet us.
“Hi. I am Carol Louis. Your boys were sweet enough to help my Clara on her first day of school.” She reached out and shook mom’s hand.
“Well, that’s good to hear. Where did you move in at? I haven’t seen any mover trucks recently.”
“We moved in last night. It was a long road trip and we got in late. My husband returned the mover vehicle this morning. We’ve had a very busy day.” She added.
“Boy’s you have chores and homework. And don’t forget to wash up before dinner.” She added as we darted off.
Jordan rambled on about how cool Carol was and her mom looked just like her. I didn’t really see the similarities, but I was busy taking note.

Mental note: Find out what creatures Clara and her mom are. Something isn’t right.

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book review of Monster by Frank Peretti

I give it four out of five stars
Reed and Beck Shelton are spending the weekend camping when their fun filled adventure soon turns into a nightmare. During the first night they hear an unearthly wail and it isn’t long before something emerges and begins to pursue them. In the mist of running for their lives Beck falls out of sight of Reed and the last terrifying image he is left with is his wife being carried off by a creature into the night.

With friends, and townsfolk Reed knows they don’t have much time to find Beck, but it isn’t long before he realizes something is hunting them and it too isn’t human.

This turned out to be more of an adventure mystery then a scary thriller like I was thinking it would be from the name and in the first two chapters I was scared for the characters and emotional with Reed after his wife is taken by a creature at night when they were running for their lives. It is quickly reveled that Beck is safe, for the moment, and in the care of -for lack of a better word- Bigfoot.

I think my favorite chapters would be the first couple and the end. Everything in the middle was a nice ride of mystery, searching, putting pieces of a puzzle together, and survival. It was fun, but at times I felt it was lacking a good kick of something. A great thing about the way he ended each chapter was that each seemed to have a stopping point. You could finish one chapter, walk away for a few hours, and come back later heading straight into the next chapter with a good sense as to what had happened and where you had left off. Each one ended very nicely. I did this a few times so I could go to work or fix food.

Frank Peretti also has a way of truly putting you in the shoes of the character. If you’re in the middle of the woods, you can pretty much smell the woods. If you’re getting berries shoved into your mouth, your saliva glands begin to work overtime and you start tasting them. It was a lot of fun to see what he was seeing, run if someone was running, or smell the stench coming off of Beck later in the book.

It had its shining moments. :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Review of Hate at First Sight by Diana Nixon

Hate At First Sight
By: Diana Nixon
     Every day Megan's life was carefully planned. Freedom and independence had been her best friends for years. Until one day she met Aiden, whose priorities were so much like hers....
     What happens when attraction wins?
     What happens when poles apart become equal?
     What happens when flames of passion burn everything in their way?
     Is there still a chance to resist the power of magnetism?
     The walls of inaccessibility will come crashing down. Everything she thought was unacceptable he will turn into pure pleasure....
     Dive into a world of Hate at First Sight to see if hate can become something different....


Five out of five stars

Megan is a very strong, independent, and serious woman when we meet her at her parents’ house for her brother’s wedding. The last thing on her mind is having a relationship of any kind. All she wants to do is survive the week and head back to her place in London and start her career. Aiden is a sexy, irritatingly fun, dare devilish man, who pushes Megan’s buttons whenever he gets the chance - which is often.

During their time together Megan and Aiden find themselves in odd circumstances, stuck in a rain storm, avoiding an old boyfriend, and finally making a bet that will drive them both wild as the sexual tension and their unusual relationship begins to unfold.

I love a head strong leading lady in books and can completely understand Megan and her goals, but I don’t think I could have resisted as long as she did under Aiden’s gaze. Diana really had her work cut out for her with these two and she weaved them together perfectly. I wouldn’t have found the writer’s restraint and probably added in a scene or two way too early just for fun, but I drift.

Everything from Megan’s resistance against Aiden, to his confusion and frustration about how quickly she seems to have taken ahold of his heart, was perfect. It was the subtle hints of jealousy, secondary characters and their plots, as well as the rush I felt as their relationship built up, peaked, and cascaded downward before being swept off its feet and into a fabulous ending. Talk about a great, refreshing, fun, and tasty read.

If you haven’t already experienced the world of Diana Nixon, this is a great place to start. She is also known for the Love Lines Series, a young adult fantasy. I want to say thank you again Diana for allowing me an ARC of Hate at First Sight. It was a great read and I look forward to your next book!

~ Purchase Hate At First Sight LINK COMING SOON! ~

About the author:
Diana Nixon is a poet and the author of fantasy and contemporary romances. She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she currently lives. In 2008 she graduated from Belorussian state University. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish, and Spanish.

To learn more about Diana Nixon or to buy her works:
Love Lines:
Ebook or Paperback
Songs of the wind:
Ebook or Paperback
From Scratch:
Ebook or Paperback
Diamond Sky:
Ebook or Paperback

Friday, October 11, 2013

Review of House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti

Jack, Stephanie, Randy, and Leslie finds themselves trapped in the same house in the dead of night after having their car tires shredded on nails, some trick by local punks, or the beginning to something much worse. Now, trapped into this house together, they discover that things aren’t what they appear as the find out they are apart of some man’s twist game and if they don’t follow three simple rules, they’ll be dead before morning. In House strangers become allies, allies become enemies, and the strange and unusual doesn’t begin to cover it.
It was a thrilling read and at times I thought for sure I knew what was going on and then the authors would throw in a twist, add a character, create something, and just blow my mind! There is a lot of symbolism within this book and at times it’s was gross- I’m referring to pudding. Anyone who has read the book would know.

The authors pulled off giving the book a creepy feel and confusing the heck out of me sometimes, but by the end you are able to pull the pieces together. Whether all the characters make it out alive, or at all, you're going to have to find that out on your own.

Something I love is that if you know Ted Dekker than you kind of might know the connection of the villain to his other works, but that’s all I’ll tell you about that. I will hint that the connection can be found in his Paradise Novels.

Now, one of the things I didn't care about was the mental comments or the connections your character was making or not making at certain times. The authors pretty much spelled out what was going on or what your character was not understanding in his thoughts and I was thinking, ‘yeah, I got that!’. But asides from pointing out what I felt like was obvious things the book took several twists and turns I didn't see coming!

This book was an interesting read and even though I find myself usually not learning towards the Christian books, this one is worth a read. It’s yet another hit from the minds of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

I give it a four out of five.
A couple of their works:
Ted Dekker wrote Showdown, The circle Trilogy, and Skin

Frank Peretti wrote This Present Darkness, the Oath, and Monster

-Brenda Franklin, author of The pulse Trilogy, and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Fun with your help!

My birthday is on October 18 and what I have decided to do is buy indie author books. Yes, I’m going to buy YOUR books! I have met a lot of people while writing and publishing the Pulse Trilogy and I have collected a large amount of ebooks along the way, but I would love to start filling my selves with paperbacks. I have cleared a spot that is calling YOUR name and for me to buy it all you have to do is post me a link of your book in the comments.

I do most of my purchasing off of amazon, but if it is located somewhere else (lulu, Barns and Noble, ect....) I will make an exception this month.

Now, I love fiction books, paranormal romance, romance, fantasy, young adult, adult, middle grade. The list goes on and one. I think it’s easier to place what I don’t want to read. Nonfiction. I think that covers everything. Haha But remember, it’s only the first five-well, now three- spots available.

There are ten spots open:
1.) Diana Nixon’s Diamond Sky
2.) Aaron Troy Ratliff’s Do I Bother You At Night?

Thank you all very much for your support and I look forward to reading your works! I will post up pictures and reviews as the month goes on featuring your book so be on the look out as the month goes on!

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, a Fated Pairing

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review of Judgment of souls by Margarita Felices

Rachel is a vampire who has found a man who intrigues her in every way, Daniel Moore, the local club owner has recently come into an inheritance and lives with a few friends in a mansion. The story takes place in Cardiff, England where the villain Max is on the hunt for two scrolls to tell him where an ancient book is hidden. Rachel’s goal is to beat him to it and save her parents.

The connection between Rachel and Daniel was so strong and pretty much instant! From the moment they saw each other at the club they couldn’t get enough of each other. And I knew there was a reason why! Rachel and Daniel weren’t the only ones the author focused on; everyone seems to get their thoughts out building to the thickening plot in every paragraph. Daniel’s friends, the villain, Rachel’s friend Arun, everyone seemed to have a little time in the spotlight. Jumping around from one character to another might seem confusing, but I found it thrilling.

This is a fast pace story where you can’t skip a paragraph. If you do you’ll be missing out on something. Time moves quickly and the story is very fast paced. There was no filler, no beating around the bush, just straight plot and action from beginning to end!

Now, an issue I had was with the paragraphs or sentences running together, but that probably had something to do with the version I received. There were grammar errors, but nothing that unfocused me from what was going on in the story.

I think my favorite part about this book was that it told a darker side to vampires. It wasn’t all glam and sparkles, no blood bags, no substitute solution, no cure, and no sunlight. She wrote about a darker vampire with traditional weapons and a blood lust. Let’s not sugarcoat it. Vampires kill humans like cattle, it’s messy, but they have to feed to survive. And when they fight it’s action packed and deadly, the author doesn't waste time with meaningless chatter, it was serious business and the author’s ability to tell this story the way she did was outstanding.

It’s pretty obvious why I gave this book a 5 out of 5.

To purchase the book click the links below:

Judgement of Souls on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy, and Guardian, a Fated Pairing.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amethyst by Heather Bowhay

I picked this book up FREE on Amazon kindle. It’s the first in the series and has been with me for a few months before I finally got around to reading it, which didn't take me long at all to finish. The only things that got in my way from me trying to finish this book in one sitting was the fact that the human body requires a few things to survive, that and sleep. Sleep was very important.

After reading Amethyst I am looking forward to getting my hands on the second book, Linked.
Amethyst stars Alex ‘Lexi’ Adams who is in college alongside her best friend Ally, but you would think the only thing stressful in their life should be jobs and classes, but for Alex it’s her constant premonitions. She sees things that are about to occur giving her the choice to save a life. Now, after seeing her death, learning about people called Amethyst, and discovering a whole new world it seems life has taken a deadly turn and the future is far from predictable.

I love the fact that even though supernatural elements are spun into the whole story your character is still normal. She still has guy problems, great friends, jealous people, and emotional moments. I mean, it’s not all about a bigger plot to destroy the world when people with supernatural abilities are involved, just most of the time. Sometimes it’s really the small things that help to build and make a story wonderful. Like motorcycle rides with Ash. I loved them. It’s so simple, but I've always loved a nice ride on a bike. Also, when she uses a bat as a weapon, it was classic. Or how about when Alex helps to perform CPR or listens to Ash and his band rehearse. It was small things like this that I loved.

I think the concept was the next thing that was remarkable. I loved the connection between the Amethyst being the healer and then the thoughts behind Guardians. I will admit that during the explanation of the newly discovered Amethyst I had to slow down and read carefully. I found myself pausing to ensure I understood everything. It really was a lot to take in and I felt just like Alex, which I couldn't help but give a laugh at. I think Heather captured Alex’s reactions perfectly and I just loved that about her. She felt real. I felt like I was Alex!

Now this is the negative. What I think pushed me harder than anything else was the pace of the story. I wanted to know more about what was going on instead of getting all these little teases of information. I was boiling over with questions. I can be a very impatient person and I think it was beginning to drive me mad as by the sixty percent I still didn't have a grasp as to what the main plot was, other than Alex’s premonition of her death and me wondering when that was going to happen and who was going to help save her. Okay, that and the constant wonder of her relationship between Jason and Ash. I'm been a big fan of picking between two guys and by sixty percent I wanted both.

I give it a five out of five.

Heather, I must say that you created one heck of an interesting story that I’m so happy to have read. It's defiantly different from what i'm used to. I’m glad you have this book for free and that I took the time to read it. I look forward to reading Linked.

To learn more about Heather and to buy her works click the links below:

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do I Bother You At Night? is here!

After several five-star short stories and novellas, Troy Aaron Ratliff's first full-length horror novel is out! You heard me! It is out as both an ebook and paperback. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy.

Do I Bother You At Night?

They say nothing ever happens in Kansas.  Sylvester Petersen used to think so too.  That is, until a mysterious new neighbor moves in next door, seemingly out of nowhere.  His handful of friends – people who tried to help him cope with the sudden death of his wife – think that it might be an opportunity for him to get reacquainted with the world outside his farmhouse and to build a new relationship with his neighbor.  But that idea is soon snuffed out as strange events begin to happen around him.  None of them wrong.  Just strange: driving in the middle of the night, the sulfur-like odor coming off of him, the fact he doesn’t talk to anyone in the area.

And what about that dog?

Sylvester chooses the logical explanation and ignores the peculiar behavior.  But when other oddities start to happen – the kind that affects Sylvester directly – he begins to worry.  His reasoning dwindles and his growing fear points to his neighbor.

Where is that stray dog going?

After enough time, Sylvester starts to see and hear what the people of the area have been muttering about: Unexplainable blue light, corn crops moving on their own…the slaughtered cattle entirely too close to home.

And that stray dog that keeps getting fatter and fatter…

At the peak of summer, and with the walls closing in, Sylvester experiences something that will take him to the brink and haunt you forever.

Bathed in loss, terror, and human spirit, Do I Bother You at Night? will be a story you won’t forget and one that will keep you up at night.

Love thy neighbor.

About the author:

Troy Aaron Ratliff was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio and self-educated in writing, art, photography, and voice impersonations. When he's not not reading, writing, and cooking up his next monstrosity, you can generally find him defending the galaxy from the forces of evil, feeding hippopotamuses, dinging with foreign dignitaries and zen masters, waking up to his supermodel wife, alternating the space-time inter-dimensional warp or, more than likely, stuck in traffic somewhere in southern California on his magic carpet.

For more about Troy Aaron Ratliff visit his website:

Do I Bother You At Night?

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy, and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.