Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Free Scary Story!

When Darkness Falls
by Brenda Franklin

There’s a house, much like any other house, sitting at the end of an old road. Neighbors keep to themselves and yet are friendly enough to help if anything happens, but not for this house.

The windows are bared, the doors are locked on the outside, and the yard is one big trap. Signs are posted everywhere in warning as to the danger of crossing into the yard. Warnings of the barbed wire fence, the line of electrical wire before that, and plenty of surprises that lie in wait within the tall grass.

What could possibly cause a person to do this to their home? Is there a deranged psychopath lying in wait? A murderer keeping their victims locked away for safe keeping? Or, could something worse be trapped at the end of Cain Road? And what happens if it gets out?


This is a quick read published through Smashwords. I plan to continue to have a free scary story release every year that I write in October. So, I look forward to scaring you next year. :)

~Brenda Franklin~
Author of:
A Steady Pulse
Barely Beating
Flat Line
Guardian, A Fated Pairing
As well as
The Lady With Blue Lips (Free Scary Story)

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