Thursday, September 8, 2016

September reading goal!

Four books for my goal that I WILL accomplish this September! I have already started to read Bubblegum Blonde and I find it hilarious. So far it's a great read. I hope the rest of September is just as fun.


Bubblegum Blonde by Anna Snow

From author Anne Snow comes a brand new series about a not-so-dumb blonde who has her hands full...

"Expect the unexpected" has been Barb Jackson’s motto ever since the day she became a private investigator. But when a blast from the past in the form of her cheating ex-boyfriend shows up in her office and begs her to help him clear his name in an ongoing murder investigation, she fears this time she might have bitten off more than she can chew. But as Barb reluctantly takes the case, she uncovers deadly secrets and it becomes obvious someone is now out to get her. Suddenly Barb finds herself in a race against the clock to clear her ex's name and keep herself alive. And to make matters worse, hunky homicide detective Tyler Black is nipping at her heels—in more ways than one! If anyone can get to the bottom of this mystery it’s Barb...if she can keep herself alive.


Gabe, Jace, and Ash: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Gabe, it’s making one particular fantasy come true with a woman who was forbidden fruit. Now she’s ripe for the picking...

When Gabe Hamilton saw Mia Crestwell walk into the ballroom for his hotel’s grand opening, he knew he was going to hell for what he had planned. After all, Mia is his best friend’s little sister. Except she’s not so little anymore. And Gabe has waited a long time to act on his desires.

Gabe has starred in Mia’s fantasies more than once, ever since she was a teenager with a huge crush on her brother’s best friend. So what if Gabe’s fourteen years older? Mia knows he’s way out of her league, but her attraction has only grown stronger with time. She’s an adult now, and there’s no reason not to act on her most secret desires.

As Gabe pulls her into his provocative world, she realizes there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him or how exacting his demands can be. Their relationship is intense and obsessive, but as they cross the line from secret sexual odyssey to something deeper, their affair runs the risk of being exposed—and vulnerable to a betrayal far more intimate than either expected.


Another exciting mystery begins for the  young detective when her friends Bess and George ask her to investigate a rumor that their wealthy great-granduncle, Asa Sidney, is virtually a prisoner in his own mansion. But solving the mystery and befriending Carol Wipple, the sixteen-year-old foster daughter of the caretakers of the old mansion, nearly costs Nancy the friendship of Bess and George. It takes all of Nancy's sleuthing ability as well as diplomacy to save it.Nancy braves one danger after another to bring to justice the swindlers who are stealing Asa Sidney’s fortune. With only the sign of the twisted candles to guide her, Nancy uncovers hidden treasure and an amazing letter that ends a family feud and brings unexpected happiness to Carol.


Blue bells will be singing horses! This strange message, attached to the leg of a wounded homing pigeon, involves Nancy Drew in a dangerous mission. Somewhere an elderly woman is being held prisoner in a mansion, and  Nancy is determined to find and free her. Meanwhile, the young detective’s close friend, Helen, begs her to solve a second mystery.…

Happy Reading,


Monday, September 5, 2016

My August Reads!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

(My rating 5 Stars)

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.


Descendants (Disney version) Junior Novel

(My Rating 4 Stars)

Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are the offspring of some of the most terrible villains of all time. They're offered a chance to leave the Isle of the Lost, where they have been imprisoned all their lives, and go to prep school in the idyllic kingdom of Auradon with all of the "good" kids. There, they must choose whether or not to follow in their parents' evil footsteps. Watch out Auradon--here come the Descendants!

A fast pace, fun read for young readers.

Nancy Drew Books!

Nancy Drew Book 6 Mystery at Red Gate Farm (My rating 5 stars)

When Bess Marvin purchased an expensive bottle of Oriental perfume, she never expected to stumble into a mystery. Now Bess, Nancy, George, and their new friend Jo are out to unravel the secrets of a mysterious conspiracy, a secretive cult, and a ring of counterfeiters in The Secret of Red Gate Farm.

Nancy Drew Book 7  Clue in a Diary (My rating 5 stars)

Nancy uses a lost diary to exonerate an innocent prisoner.

Nancy Drew Book 8 Nancy's Mysterious Letter (My Rating 4 Stars)

Nancy receives a letter informing her that she is heir to a fortune. This story tells of her search for another Nancy Drew.

If there was ever a book where I think Nancy would have been killed in the ones I have read I think this one is at the top of the list. She is nearly run over and knocked out. If the man scheming against her was a little more cruel he would have done away with Nancy long ago. Girl, you are dso lucky you are a fictional character. :D

I'm impressed that I got to read this much with how busy things have been. I will write about that later, but for now, this has been my list of reads for the month of August. What did you read in August?

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

When I'm lost after I finish a book. . .

After a Book is finished I get a little lost. Part of me is still shocked that I somehow haven't exploded after hitting the publish button on the computer! I find myself staring blankly at the book on different sites remembering everything that went into it and having that moment of both doubt and excitement. But I think that comes with everything that you put out there of yourself. You would think after publishing three other paperbacks that it would get easier. Ha! That's a big fat no! I hear whispers of worry about how it will be taken by those that read it, but that's what I have my amazing husband for. He has been my rock--and annoyance at times--when I start to freak out. He grounds me and gives me positive thoughts when my mind gets too cluttered from worry. I think everyone needs that person to smack the sense back into you when you are freaking out or when your head begins to get too big from the accomplishment. Just one good smack should do it. As long as it's with love. :)

Some writers jump right on another project while others take a breather. Well, I'm the kind that takes ten steps back (after being smacked, of course) to find my focus again. I mean, I've just written my heart on God knows how many pages and unless I'm going to keep with the story I'm writing (a sequel) then it's best to get some space or else my books will follow the same path and I don't want that. I want something different from each book I write.

Granted, I did writer The Pulse Trilogy so they were written back to back. But in the case with Guardian, A Fated Pairing I took a step back because I wanted something different and boy did it shift. I find Guardian to be a grittier book and I love it! It reads differently then the Pulse Trilogy because I stepped back. Gave my work a little space before starting. Hell, I also gave it a lot of space when I finished the first draft. Good things come to those who wait and work hard.

But now that I have finished and published Nightmares And Remedies I found myself searching a little for things to do.

That is until the other day.

I hadn't wanted to write a word until the day before yesterday. I opened up an old e-mail account that I check once in a blue moon and found an e-mail about doing Camp NaNoWriMo in July. It's basically a write as much as you can (until you reach your personal goal) in the month of July. And I don't know what happened but suddenly I started to actually consider it. Yeah, I only had 8 days left, but it could be fun. It doesn't need to be anything my readers are ever going to see. This could be just for me. Heck, I could write ANYTING! Not like I couldn't before, but this changed things because I suddenly was placed into a Camp group and had supporters and a goal.

After figuring out what I was going to write I ended up writing out 15K w
ords and I'm still going strong.

Another thing that helps to get me refocused it reading. The moment you finish a project you should be picking up a book to read. That stack of 10 books that's been calling your name since you started writing still might not look appealing but you should at least grab one and read two chapters. Which I did. That was another yesterday accomplishment. Again, I had found a purpose and with it the spark I needed to get back on my feet.

It's different every time I finish a story, but no matter what I always find my wa
y back to it. Even if I have to persuade myself by buying that beautiful book at the store or having my husband read out loud to me. So that all of you know, my sweetie pie has a lovely voice and reads very well. ;) But regardless of what I do, at the end of the day Writing is part of who I am. It's in my DNA. I might wander a bit, but I always find my way back.

Brenda Franklin

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo FUN

Join the fun of Camp NaNoWriMo, where people come together to support each others writing goals! There are only 9 days left for the event but it's worth it. You can set your goal at any word count.

I am working on a story called, Melody's Howl and I want to reach 50,000 Words. I'm already at 15,000! Whether you are writing to turn it into a book for people to read and enjoy or writing for your own personal fun it doesn't matter. It's to support each other and accomplish goals. To feel the success of reaching that word count and realizing you have just achieved greatness!! You did between your busy work schedule, home life, and school. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

So come and join Camp Nanowrimo, there's always room for a few more storytellers.

Brenda Franklin, author of A Steady Pulse.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How do you publish a book?

How do you publish a book?

I've been asked this question a lot lately so I figured I'd write out my response here. :) Now, there are probably other ways to go about getting published that I haven't mentioned, I"m just covering what I have done on my own for self-publishing and what I know about going through an agent. There are exceptions for everything and for all I know your ex Sister-In-Law is BFF with the editor at some company and smuggled your manuscript into his/her stack and you were picked! I mean, you never know. Again, I'm going to go over what I know and my own experiences. If you have any recommended sites to help budding writers please post a comment below.

There are two routes you can take for publishing that we are going to talk about.

1.) Publishing with someone (agent and publishing house)

If you want to use an agent they will take the bulk of the work that you would have to do yourself for self-publishing. Such as editing (though it needs to be as perfect as possible), deciding upon the cover (you are lucky to get options as a new author), uploading into medias (though you still should advertise, it is your book after all), and taking it to publishing houses to get it out there for the world.

If you are going to try this route first then I would make sure the MS (Manuscript) is finished and edited. Agents want finished works.

To find an agent you can go to a number of places: is one of many. Always research your agent and send what they would like. If you write romance don't send a Query to to an agent looking for Middle Grade stories. I know that sounds like common knowledge, but I have read many agent complaints about this simple mistake and they won't read your letter. Also, make sure the agent is even accepting queries at this time. Some people are closed if they are over swamped with work.

A Query letter can be found and explained here: This site gives a breakdown of a query letter as well as example links towards the bottom.

You can send out as many letter as you would like to different people, just follow their submission guidelines located on their sites. And good luck! :D There world is huge and sometimes you might get a hundred nos before you get that one yes that will make all the difference.

2.) Self-Publishing

There are probably more ways such as selling your work to the publishing house directly and buy copies to sell to individual businesses and some such, but I haven't researched those enough to know the correct way to do this route.

For Self-publishing you have to do everything an agent would do. You take over being the editor, cover designer, marketer, and anything else you need to be. Granted, there are plenty of people out there who will help you. There are editors and cover designers who are more than willing to help you out for a price, and I find that it is worth it. Just know who you are buying from. Join an author group on social media and start asking questions. The community is one of the best ways to not only advertise yourself, but to make connections and gain experience.

Decide if you want to make it ebook only or paperback (which the sites you go through for this usually have an ebook ability So no use doing the work twice over when some site does it all for you.)

If you want to make it a paperback you can pick between two sites that I know of. Lulu and Createspace. Both sites are just personal preference. I would read through each and find out their rules, royalties, distributors, and their own clients even. It's personal preference. I use Createspace and my friend, Diana, uses Lulu. I have books from both companies and they don't look any different from one another.

Both sites also take you through a thorough step by step process to help you publish giving examples and explanations to most everything. If you aren't certain about something there are forums to turn to or you can even message the people of the site directly.

Once you decide what site they should provide you with templates on how to properly Format your book, which to me, takes the longest! Or you can pay someone to do it for you. I personally don't want to waste the money on something when I can just take the time to do it myself. You're first Book is the slowest to format because you're learning all of this, but don't let it deter you at all.

Once you follow the sites and send off your cover and book to be looked at they will let you know once it is accepted and also tell you if there are any issues for you to change and you can do so and then send it to be submitted to the site for selling.

Now, all along this way (depending on who you are) you could be advertising yourself and setting up cover reveals, guest blog posts, sneak peak excerpts for people to be teased with, and the release date all the way up until the book finally is out. Even after you should keep posting about it from time to time, hold a raffle, give away signed copies. I mean anything to spread the words of your book at that point. But it won't sell itself.

In the end it's your choice which route you would like to do. :)
I hope this helps out a bit. If you have anymore questions let me know.

Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy.

Some more helpful links: 

Cover Artists:
Jennifer Munswami (She did my Pulse Trilogy Book)

(Facebook groups you should look at!)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Nightmares and Remedies 1st Excerpt

Title: Nightmares and Remedies
Series: A Pulse World Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 1st 2016


Haunted by reoccurring nightmares of silver eyes and sharp fangs, Bethany Jean, is at her wits end. She feels like she’s being watched all the time. At home, in the street; even at work! Nowhere feels safe. But just when she’s considering help for her delusions Bethany comes face to face with a living breathing vampire whose obsession with Bethany is deadly.

Lucas was one of many vampires looking for a murderer, what he didn’t expect was to find the man’s latest victim, Bethany, alive and turned into a vampire! Setting side his attraction for the woman Lucas is forced to take a back seat to finding the vampire at large so that he can watch and explain what’s going on when the woman wakes up, but convincing this woman that he is a good guy and the fact that she is no longer human isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

With a killer on the loose, a house full of vampire testosterone, and Bethany walking around in nothing more than Lucas' shirt, you can guarantee this is going to be one hell of a time and with any luck it could end in their favor. That is, if Bethany realizes that being a vampire has its perks.


She looked tiny, she stood huddled with her shoulders up and her arms wrapped tightly around her leaned forward slightly making her appear much younger and smaller then she was. Her large eyes were dark and wild, filled with terror. A terror Lucas instantly felt he wanted to replace. No woman should look this hurt. Flakes of silver were sprinkled in her eyes telling Lucas what she was. She was a converted. Could she be the murderer?
As quickly as the thought came Lucas dismissed it. He could see her. He could see the lack of a killer and the mind of a woman lost. Watching as she stepped back he felt his heart tighten in his chest. There was no way she was the one responsible for the killings.
Blood covered her clothes as her feet moved through the small lining of snow fresh on the ground.
“Stay away!” The woman ordered with a mix of fear and pushed anger into her voice. Her limbs shook violently as she moved further back and away from him.
“Lucas, there’s no one here. But man does it smell. I see blood and puddles of vomit. And restraints. God the smell.” Rupert gagged.
“Calm down.” Lucas took a step forward. The woman inched back. Her eyes slid towards the river. “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t.” Lucas spoke reaching out towards her mind instantly to stop her from doing something reckless. The moment he touched her mind he saw the struggle she had gone through and the pain that was coursing through her
The thoughts and feelings running through her knocked the wind out of him. They were raw and alive striking at him like hundreds of bees their stingers all aimed to numb and incapacitate him, but he held it together. His face never flinched as he endured the rolling wave of fire burning through her— and him. They felt it together and for that one moment he breathed with her, willing her a second of peace as they let out their breath into the cold night.
Her will and determination to survive was strong. She shouldn’t have even been standing in her condition. Lucas tightened his grip on her mind to take control. He needed her to stop before something bad happened. He needed to reach her and tame the demon roaring in the back of his mind at the man that had grabbed her, because he could see everything. He could feel everything done to her and he was outraged and distressed by it. By the feelings flooding his mind and turning his body against him in this moment in which he needed to be at his best. Alert and unshakable, but he was the opposite. And as he reached to her mind to help he saw their connection in her eyes followed by her instinct and knew he was too late.
Bethany knew what was coming. She knew her body wouldn’t be hers anymore if she waited any longer. Without a second’s hesitation she launched herself into the dark waters of the fast moving river. This was her only choice. The only thing she was capable of deciding for herself. There were no regrets as her body locked up instantly and her eyes closed.

     Lucas did the only thing he could do, jump in the freezing river after her.

About the author:

Brenda Franklin was born and raised in Louisiana surrounded by fantasy, romance, and the paranormal. She's always had a love for writing, having written her first horror story before middle school about a monster that devoured people in the night-I believe they call him the Boogie Man.

Brenda points the blame/thanks for her obsessive need to write and read about vampires to her father who had an old bookshelf in their living room when she was growing up. From top to bottom it was filled with combat related books, old westerns, books by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Brian Lumley, and many more fascinating reads. But the book Brenda remembers the most was ‘Interview with a Vampire’ by Anne Rice. After reading it, she's never been the same since.

Follow Brenda on:
Twitter: Beefranklin613

Other works:

The Pulse Trilogy

Monday, May 9, 2016

Eden's Hollow story idea


The Weather was harsh at half past three and the wind was threatening to blow the house away. To be more precise it was just one house. All the other homes down JC Drive were dealing with an onslaught or rain and wind, but nothing to the extreme of house number 4116.

From the outside it was nothing more than the same cookie cutter house with white fences, the perfect cut lawn, and the same two matching trash bins at the end of its paved driveway. There was nothing special about the house chosen - number 4116 - not from the outside, anyway.

But within the white door of number 4116 and beyond the powder blue trim and white paint was a secret. A well-kept secret for nearly a millennium.

A woman, her human name Patricia Faulk - and yes, human is the appropriate term for the creatures that filled her ever growing neighborhood, though she was nothing of the sort. She was guarding a Portal -- placed conveniently in her spare bedroom -- and guard it with her life she would, until this night, September seventh, when a raging storm awoke her from her rest at half past three.

Patricia, whose real name could not be spoken by humans only those that crossed through the portal could wield her name, awake from the cry of the storm and bolted to its source -- the portal! Her slender figure moved gracefully and with ease around her collection of books stacked in high towers throughout the living room and into the small hall. Her long red hair lightly damp from the shower she had taken hours earlier had unraveled and clung across her fair skinned neck and cheeks curling around her cherry red lips and dark brown eyes.

This was not a normal portal crossing.

She fell to the floor and crossed her legs in front of the bedroom door. She closed her hands on her knees, tilted her head back, with closed her eyes to focus. To cross a portal you must first knock on the door and wait for an answer, that was what Patricia was doing.

She was answering.

Reaching a quick mediation-like state her body began to glow and small runes crawled across her arms and legs, across her belly and neck, until her whole body was being blotched out by the blacken ink of the symbols. Her body rose three feet off the ground and those black symbols, one by one, echoed out and appeared around the frame of the door.

One by one the letters glowed, until finally the doorway opened allowing passage into her home. But as the door opened and two people stepped in a third clawed through reaching with bloodied talons out. This was one of malicious intent and on instinct she closed the portal, but the storm remained as the pounding against the magical door continued demanding her to open it.

“Who has stepped through this portal?” She asked pulling from her trance, but her first response was not anything what she expected it to be. It was the wailing of a baby.

She opened the door into her spare room revealing a large man, an Archangel, covered in blood soaked cloth and armor wielding a long golden sword with a white handle and three sets of tattered wings. His body was shaking and mangled as he forced himself up off the floor just barely cradling a small creature whose cries were beginning to wane on Patricia’s nerves.

“Portal master,” he spoke with ragged breath. “I am sorry to have brought this upon you, but I must beg of you to help.”

“Why does an Archangel need my help?” She asked unmoving with cold eyes at the intruder into her home.

“I do not. But she does.” He dropped his sword and held out the little girl for the woman to see.

“What use do I have with that thing?”

“This thing is no mere child.” His body was too worn and tried to hold her any longer. He fell forward still managing to stay on his elbows with her carefully propped up. Slowly and carefully he laid her down. He turned the infant on her side touching the back of her neck.

“What is she?” The woman gasped as a couple of runes upon her body began to appear.

“They are trying to get through.” He spoke.

“Who have you brought to my door?” she demanded.

“It’s the Darkness.”

“What?” she hissed as more symbols lit up.

“And if they get their hands on this child then the Darkness will be released. She needs time to grow strong. To fight this."

She turned to the door and looked to her arms, already her body was shifting and her eyes felt the urge to shut. They were forcing her to open up. “And you brought them here?” She demanded. “You are disrupting the order, the way things are done! You will be punished!” She turned back around to the silence of the room and to the archangel now touching the back of the child’s neck.

His wings dissolved, his weapons and armor faded, and soon his very image fluttered. With his last breath he focused on the portal master sending out a rush of light against her body. Then he was gone.

She turned back to the portal with rage towards the Archangel and did the only thing she could do to save her life from the Darkness threatening her and the life of the child. She had to sever her connection with the other dimension and once severed the first thing she had to do was hide the child.

For the child was something an Archangel would give his life for, she would ensure his last request be fulfilled and pray that death did not soon await her.

--Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy

Friday, May 6, 2016

Nightmares and Remedies Cover Reveal

Title: Nightmares and Remedies
Series: A Pulse World Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 1st 2016


Haunted by reoccurring nightmares of silver eyes and sharp fangs, Bethany Jean, is at her wits end. She feels like she’s being watched all the time. At home, in the street; even at work! Nowhere feels safe. But just when she’s considering help for her delusions Bethany comes face to face with a living breathing vampire whose obsession with Bethany is deadly.

Lucas was one of many vampires looking for a murderer, what he didn’t expect was to find the man’s latest victim, Bethany, alive and turned into a vampire! Setting side his attraction for the woman Lucas is forced to take a back seat to finding the vampire at large so that he can watch and explain what’s going on when the woman wakes up, but convincing this woman that he is a good guy and the fact that she is no longer human isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

With a killer on the loose, a house full of vampire testosterone, and Bethany walking around in nothing more than Lucas' shirt, you can guarantee this is going to be one hell of a time and with any luck it could end in their favor. That is, if Bethany realizes that being a vampire has its perks.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Louise Book 1 and 2 by Diana Nixon blurbs

Book 1: Louise by Diana Nixon

Book Blurb:

It doesn’t hurt to dream, unless you know your dreams will never come true.

Since childhood, Louise Woods has wanted to become a dancer. The day she arrives at Le Papillon – a private cabaret club where men come to enjoy the beauty of women dancing, her life completely changes. Louise lives in the club and the rules of living and working there cannot be ignored or broken. Either you do your best to please the clients, or you are out. No flirting, no secret affairs, just dancing.

During her first public show, Louise meets a stranger who pays for the privilege to have her privately dance for him. He won't let her see his face, he won't even introduce himself, but he will make an offer that she won’t be able to refuse. He won’t make any hollow promises, but he will make her believe she is special…

“I hate following the rules,” he’ll say, “but I do love breaking them.”

Will she dare to risk losing everything she has, just to make the darkest of the stranger’s fantasies come true? Once the decision is made, there will be no way back…


My Review:

Louise is a woman who is both kind and strong; locked away in a world of little freedom. As a child she grew up in an orphanage under the role of an evil woman. A place where your best friend could be your enemy. Where your very survival depended on the amount of money you collect off of the streets. It was survival of the fittest. How can this young girl survive in a world such as this? But after an encounter with a kind man with beautiful eyes she makes a promise that she intends to keep. No one will harm her.

As she turns eighteen freedom is at her fingertips. The last thing to do is to go to a cabaret club called, Le Papillon to see about a job to be a dancer, but it isn’t exactly what she had in mind and when she protests the owner, Drew, makes it very clear that he has bought her and she will work under him until her debt is paid off. The horror is when he proves that she signed the document herself keeping her suck there. A trick well played by the orphanage and him. Again she has no freedom, but the illusion of. At least she loved to dance.

The atmosphere of the story is beautiful. The scenes are elegant with layouts that make me want to visit these places. I want to be an exclusive member to this club. All the characters you come across, no matter how small you grow to love and hate. And quickly you find that everyone has a story that Louise can’t help but bring to the surface. She is a woman wise beyond her years in a world that she has only known as a cage.

But there is hope. As a mysterious masked man steps into her life. What woman wouldn't fall under his spell? And that begs an even better question, why did he want Louise? And is there more to Le Papillon then meets the eye?

Diana Nixon has written a powerful story filled to the brim with mystery, intrigue, and romance, with a character and a plot that both captivates and steals your heart. I don’t think I had a moment where I put the book down. I was just that drawn into it. And the ending left me both satisfied and breathless, like I had just experience my first kiss and then I was saying ‘goodbye’.

The only way you could ever upset me, Diana, is if you tell me there isn’t a book two. Haha But knowing you there will be one soon enough. And I look forward to reading it.

Book 2: Louise: A Knew Beginning


Book Blurb:

Life is not always easy. Especially when you are in love with the man whose life is so much different from yours. Power, money, respect – these are the things that a girl raised in an orphanage can only dream about. But sometimes, love is the only power that you need to get whatever you wish for…

Louise Woods had always been a fighter. She had known since childhood that everything has a price. But freedom was the only thing that she could never have.

Living in a world of lies and betrayal, will she sacrifice her love to become finally free?

Or will she let her heart win?

A new journey full of passion and forbidden dreams; it’s a new dance, it’s a new life.

“We will start it all from the very beginning, from the very first kiss…”


~~About the Author~~

Official page:


Diana Nixon, an International Bestselling Author of contemporary and paranormal romances, is a woman of contradictions. She was born in Minsk., Belarus. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.

Diana’s writing career is like a roller coaster ride. It started with a fantasy novel named Love Lines, that was originally written in Russian and only later, it was translated into English. Since then, Diana has published 15 more books, both of contemporary and fantasy genres.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world.


-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rating a Nancy Drew

How do you Rate a Nancy Drew Mystery Book

When it comes to rating a Nancy Drew Book I look for the enjoyment I got out of the book more then nit picking the story, the characters, and the plot. I take into the account that this is a book written sometime ago (Originally before 1960 For the one's I have read). Wording will have changed (slang terms, unfamiliar items, or techniques that we don't often hear), clothing, sexism is present (But it doesn't rub it in your face with negatives, it's part of the time), relationships, and just about everything feels a little different then nowadays because it was a different era. It is to be expected.

You have to always remember that these books were written as standalone with the set purpose of capturing young audiences. They were also published in bursts. Not one every so many months but in short bursts allowing for people to buy them in bulk and enjoy them quickly. It's a quick read. All the books ended leading you to know that there was another mystery around the corner. They also decided that Nancy Drew couldn't get married or have kids or truly progress in that way. They wanted the viewer to stay focused on the same character structure that you could rely on in every book with the same bunch of people for long periods of time.

So I rate by enjoyment. And these basic questions:
Did the story make sense from beginning to end?
Was there anything that felt off or something not explained?
Did the outcome satisfy me?
By the end of the book was I smiling? (This is very important. A book like this should make you smile.)

If all of these are met, then I will rate it a five because I know that young people, preteens, teens, and kids would love it. I believe they would be even thrilled to read through one of these books and I hope they do!! We need more Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy readers. :)

If I am left feeling unsure about the outcome or unsatisfied in anyway I try to figure out why. Did the end not feel right? Was the twist so left field that I didn't enjoy the led up to it because only a scientist saw it coming? Was a character not as strong or as weak as I think they should have been for a scene? This will make me give it a 4 star rating and in a rare case a 3. You would have to really leave me feeling off to get a 3. But it happens.

As of right now a 1 or 2 star has yet to be seen for a Nancy Drew Book by me and I hope to never give one. But there is always a chance. Maybe after I finished Nancy Drew I should start reading The Hardy Boys! :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy

Monday, February 29, 2016

Books read in February 2016

February was a crazy month, but so much fun. I can't believe it has come and gone just like that. One thing about the month that I knew was coming and it shouldn't have surprised me was the fact that my reading list completely changed. I managed to read only three of the books I had on my list of #to-reads and the rest fell to the wayside. But my goal of 4 books a month has easily been passed. I accomplished 7 books this month.

That brings my total reads up to. . . . . . . . . 15!! Yeah! Two months down of reading, writing, and family time. I will reach my goal of 50 and pass it. :D

Books read in February of 2016!!

Nancy Drew Books:

4-The Mystery at Lilac Inn-----------------------5 Stars
5-The Secret of Shadow Ranch----------------- 5 Stars

Sherrilyn Kenyon Books:

Sins of the Night (Dark Hunter 7) --------------5 Stars

Christine Feehan Books:

Cat's Lair (Leopard People 7) ----------------4 Stars
Oceans of Fire (Drake Sisters 3) ------------ 5 Stars

Lynsay Sands Books:

Tall, Dark, and Hungry (Argeneau 4) --------5 Stars
A Quick Bite (Argeneau 1) ------------------- 5 Stars

Next month I'm going to try and add in some young adult books and change it up a little as well as continue reading my Nancy Drew books. :) 

March To Be Read List coming soon!!

--Brenda Franklin, eccentric author of The Pulse Trilogy.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pulse World Novel: Nightmare and Remedies UPDATE!

Best friend of Elizabeth Parks, leading lady of my Pulse Trilogy, is getting her own book! Bethany Jean was briefly seen in the series and I thought I was done with her, but apparently I wasn't! What started out to be a a short story turned into a full length novel. But Bethany and Lucas had a lot to say and do with one another that I couldn't stop writing! But I am certain you are going to love everything they do with and to one another. :D

Title: Nightmares and Remedies
Series: A Pulse World Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Page numbers: 375
Release Date: July 2016

Raven haired rebel Bethany Jean may have had her memories altered to forget that horrible day, but the nightmares just won't stop. And as she throws in the towel to call a doctor for help a man with silver eyes steps into her world making it painfully clear that her paranoia and nightmares aren't in her head. They are real.

Bethany isn't just fighting for her sanity anymore, she is fighting for her life!

---More teases to come as we work our way closer to June---

This is a book on it's own with new characters that I may expand upon in later books. I'm still working out the kinks. Other than the trilogy these books will be standalone with the labels A Pulse World Novel to place them into the same world. I will keep a posting on my website of the correct timeline order if my stories start to go back, parallel, or jump into to future.

As of right now the time order is:
The Pulse Trilogy:
A Steady Pulse
Barely Beating
Flat Line

Coming soon:
Nightmares and Remedies

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February goals and reading list

Here we are in February! There are so many things happening in February that it can be a little overwhelming. For one thing there are birthdays on 8th, 10th, 11th, 14th, and 23rd. On top of that you have Chinese New Years (8th-year of the Monkey starts!), Valentine's Day, and then three days of fun at the wonderful Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookie. That will be a three day packed with lots of cookies and cakes that could feed the state!

I don't know about you but this is going to be a very busy month. :) So let's kick it off with my Bookish reading list.

Who doesn't love the author of the Time Quartet, Madeline L'Engle? She is an amazing writer and I picked this little book up at a cute little book shop on the side of the road. Such a cute place.

A Ring of Endless Light

After a tumultuous year in New York City, the Austins are spending the summer on the small island where their grandfather lives. He’s very sick, and watching his condition deteriorate as the summer passes is almost more than Vicky can bear. To complicate matters, she finds herself as the center of attention for three very different boys.

Zachary Grey, the troubled and reckless boy Vicky met last summer, wants her all to himself as he grieves the loss of his mother. Leo Rodney has been just a friend for years, but the tragic loss of his father causes him to turn to Vicky for comfort—and romance. And then there’s Adam Eddington. Adam is only asking Vicky to help with his research on dolphins. But Adam—and the dolphins—may just be what Vicky needs to get through this heartbreaking summer.

Then there are my Sherrilyn Kenyon picks of the month, and yes, I am finally coming to the end of my Kenyon collection. Soon I am going to have to restock!! :)

Dream Hunter

In the ethereal world of dreams, there are champions who fight to protect the dreamer and there are demons who prey on them...

Arik is such a predator. Condemned by the gods to live eternity without emotions, Arik can only feel when he's in the dreams of others. For thousands of years, he's drifted through the human unconscious, searching for sensation. Now he's finally found a dreamer whose vivid mind can fill his emptiness.

Dr. Megeara Kafieri watched her father ruin himself and his reputation as he searched to prove Atlantis was real. Her deathbed promise to him to salvage his reputation has now brought her to Greece where she intends to prove once and for all that the fabled island is right where her father said it was. But frustration and bad luck dog her every step. Especially the day they find a stranger floating in the sea. His is a face she's seen many times.... in her dreams.

What she doesn't know is that Arik holds more than the ancient secrets that can help her find the mythical isle of Atlantis. He has made a pact with the god Hades: In exchange for two weeks as a mortal man, he must return to Olympus with a human soul. Megeara's soul.

With a secret society out to ruin her expedition, and mysterious accidents that keep threatening her life, Megeara refuses to quit. She knows she's getting closer to Atlantis and as she does, she stumbles onto the truth of what Arik really is.

For Arik his quest is no longer simple. No human can know of a Dream-Hunter's existence. His dream of being mortal has quickly turned into his own nightmare and the only way to save himself will be to sacrifice the very thing he wanted to be human for. The only question is, will he?

Dream Warrior

We are the Dolophoni. Diligent. Vigilant. Fierce and inescapable. Servants of the Furies, we are the right hand of justice and no one stands before us.

The son of Warcraft and Hate, Cratus spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He was death to any who crossed him. Until the day he laid down his arms and was banished into exile.

Now an ancient enemy has been unleashed and our dreams are his chosen battlefield. The only hope we have is the one god who swears he will never fight again.

As a Dream-Hunter, Delphine has spent eternity protecting mankind from the predators who prey on our unconscious state. But now that her allies have been turned, she knows in order to survive, the Dream-Hunters need a new leader. Someone who can train them to fight their new enemies. Cratus is her only hope. But she is a bitter reminder of why he chose to lay down his arms.

Time is running out and if she can’t win him to her cause, mankind will be slaughtered and the world we know will soon cease to exist.

Sins of the Night 

In the realm of the Dark-Hunters there is a code of honor that even immortal bad boys must follow:

Harm no human. Drink no blood. Never fall in love.

But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. That's when I'm summoned. Who am I? I'm the one thing the fearless fear. Step over the line and it's my wrath you will face. Nothing can touch me. Nothing can sway me. I am relentless and unfeeling.

Or so I thought until I met a female Dark-Hunter who goes by the name of Danger-it's not just her name, it's how she lives her life. She doesn't trust me at all. And who could blame her? She alone knows that I'm here to be judge, jury and most likely executioner of her friends. Yet she is my key to saving some of them. Without her, they all will die.

Dangereuse St. Richard is a deadly distraction. Something about her is reawakening a heart I thought was long dead. But in a race against evil, the only hope mankind has is that I do my duty. And how can I do my duty when it means that I will have to sacrifice the only woman I've ever loved?

I also have a few from the author Tess Gerritsen. Some of y'all might no her based of the TV series Rizzoli and Isles, but in the books things are a bit different. She writes medical thrillers, romance and suspence and I have just started to really get into her work. The first book I read by her had me cringing so much I kept putting it down to breath, but I loved it anyway (The Surgeon). Now it's onto the next book by her.

The Apprentice

It is a boiling hot Boston summer. Adding to the city’s woes is a series of shocking crimes, in which wealthy men are made to watch while their wives are brutalized. A sadistic demand that ends in abduction and death.

The pattern suggests one man: serial killer Warren Hoyt, recently removed from the city’s streets. Police can only assume an acolyte is at large, a maniac basing his attacks on the twisted medical techniques of the madman he so admires. At least that’s what Detective Jane Rizzoli thinks. Forced again to confront the killer who scarred her—literally and figuratively—she is determined to finally end Hoyt’s awful influence . . . even if it means receiving more resistance from her all-male homicide squad.

But Rizzoli isn’t counting on the U.S. government’s sudden interest. Or on meeting Special Agent Gabriel Dean, who knows more than he will tell. Most of all, she isn’t counting on becoming a target herself, once Hoyt is suddenly free, joining his mysterious blood brother in a vicious vendetta. . . .

In Their Footsteps

Old secrets die hard....
The quiet scandal surrounding her parents' deaths twenty years ago has always haunted Beryl Tavistock. Now she's decided that the only way to exorcise the ghosts of the past is to search for the truth. Beryl starts asking dangerous questions, and the answers are proving that old secrets die hard.

Caught in what's become a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, her quest takes her from the rain-slick streets of Paris to the sun-drenched isles of Greece. And as she gets pulled into a world of espionage, Beryl quickly discovers that she needs help. Richard Wolf, an ex-CIA agent and a man she's only just met, is her only hope.

But in a world where trust is a double-edged sword, friends become enemies, and enemies become killers . . .

And the Last two books that I am going to read are from the wonderful Young Adult Mystery series Nancy Drew. Book number 5 and 6! My goal this year is to read books 1-10 that I got from my wonderful mother on Christmas of 2015 and I intend to do just that. :)

 All descriptions and images were taken from Goodreads.

So Wish me luck on my February goals and I will see you again very soon.

--Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Book Reads

January comes to an end and my reading goal shifted. Have you ever had one stack of books where you tell yourself you are going to read them and then you see another stack of books that look a little more appealing and reach for it instead.

Well, that's exactly what happened!

I started with a goal of reading 10 Nancy Drew books and the next thing I know I'm nose deep in a Sherrilyn Kenyon book! I just can't keep away.

On the bright side I read Nancy Drew 1-3 and then 4 Kenyon books. This brings Jan 2016 Books read to 8 out of 52! that's a great thing. If I read 8 books a month all year I will have read about 96 books!! That is amazing, but my goal isn't that high and I know I will get distracted and be busy, so let's drop that down a little.

I have 44 books to go and 11 more months. so as long as I stay reading 4 books a months I will reach my end year book goal on time.

Books read so far for the Year 2016!!

Nancy Drew Books:

1-The Secret of the Old Clock---------5 Stars
2-The Hidden Staircase-----------------4 Stars
3-The Bungalow Mystery--------------5 Stars

Sherrilyn Kenyon Books:

Bad Attitude (B.A.D. Agency Book 1) ----------3 Stars
Silent Truth (B.A.D. Agency Book 4 w/ Dianna Love) ------2 Stars
Unleash the Night (Dark Hunter 8) -------------- 5 Stars
The Guardian (Dark Hunter 20) ------------------ 5 Stars
Dream Chaser (Dream Hunter) ------------------- 5 Stars

On to the next month! February To Be Read List coming soon!!

--Brenda Franklin, Silly human being with delusions of monsters and worlds in my head. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 2016 reading goal

My January 2016 reading goal is to read the first ten of the Nancy Drew books! It’s been a long time since I have read any and I thought, since I had the mystery bug, I might as well make use of my Christmas present. So reading Nancy Drew it is!

So far I have read the secret of the old clockthe hidden staircaseThen Bungalow Mystery, and I am reading The mystery at Lilac Inn. There is 64 of these run short stories all at about 180 pages. They are fun quick reads that take me back to Jr. High when I first started to read them. I remember being engrossed in them, I couldn’t read enough of them. Though reading them now it feels different and I see the details in a different light or the themes to be a bit cliché I will always love the stories and the feelings I remember when enjoying one and I look forward to my own children reading them as well.

Fun fact: Did you know that Nancy Drew is a Pseudonym (Pen) Name for multiple authors produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.Both male and female authors wrote the series. Another amazing fact that I picked up is that there are 175 books! 175!! That's amazing! Nancy Drew ran from 1930 to 2003. And Nancy Drew got an overhaul from 2004-2012 with the books titles, Nancy Drew: Girl Detective.

Are there any mystery books you would recommend?

-Brenda Franklin