Monday, February 22, 2016

Pulse World Novel: Nightmare and Remedies UPDATE!

Best friend of Elizabeth Parks, leading lady of my Pulse Trilogy, is getting her own book! Bethany Jean was briefly seen in the series and I thought I was done with her, but apparently I wasn't! What started out to be a a short story turned into a full length novel. But Bethany and Lucas had a lot to say and do with one another that I couldn't stop writing! But I am certain you are going to love everything they do with and to one another. :D

Title: Nightmares and Remedies
Series: A Pulse World Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Page numbers: 375
Release Date: July 2016

Raven haired rebel Bethany Jean may have had her memories altered to forget that horrible day, but the nightmares just won't stop. And as she throws in the towel to call a doctor for help a man with silver eyes steps into her world making it painfully clear that her paranoia and nightmares aren't in her head. They are real.

Bethany isn't just fighting for her sanity anymore, she is fighting for her life!

---More teases to come as we work our way closer to June---

This is a book on it's own with new characters that I may expand upon in later books. I'm still working out the kinks. Other than the trilogy these books will be standalone with the labels A Pulse World Novel to place them into the same world. I will keep a posting on my website of the correct timeline order if my stories start to go back, parallel, or jump into to future.

As of right now the time order is:
The Pulse Trilogy:
A Steady Pulse
Barely Beating
Flat Line

Coming soon:
Nightmares and Remedies

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy

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