Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Pulse Trilogy

The Pulse Trilogy is my first Paranormal Romance series. It’s been my baby since I was in high school. When most students finished their work early and had to read books, I was pulling out a notebook to write down the endless amounts of ideas flowing through my mind.

By the time I graduated I had already written the first book of the Pulse Trilogy, though it was called, Pulse, at the time. Little was I aware then, that I would rewrite the entire story more than two times in the next couple of years and then go about self-publishing myself.

Looking back, I wish I had done my homework better, prepared better, and perhaps gotten the manuscript edited and cover done before I posted it. But with all the bumps in the road, a couple of negative comments, and a moment when I felt at my lowest I managed to pull myself together with the help of my loving husband and friends. I pulled my book offline after several months of disappointments giving it the attention it so desperately needed and sent it back out into the world months later.

Since the re release  A Steady Pulse has been doing great! I have gained a better sense of what to do and even have a few followers asking about the release about the third installment in the Pulse Trilogy, which is announced below the book cover towards the bottom of this blog post.

Continuing reading for a recap of the entire series and I’ll keep you posted on what’s to come when the Pulse Trilogy comes to an end. Thank you again for following.

Book 1: A Steady Pulse

There’s no rest for 23-year-old Elizabeth Parks as she soon learns a vampire has picked up on her unusual ability and plans to use her. Why couldn't she have picked a different week for a vacation, she wonders realizing she’s knee deep in a vampire family feud which will cost Elizabeth her life! If they can survive long enough!

Now, Virgil Hart must try to defeat his brother at his twisted games to keep Elizabeth safe, but it’s turning out to be a lot harder than he thought.

Book 2: Barely Beating

Days after surviving Virgil's crazed brother, Elizabeth Parks is in the first phase of becoming a vampire herself, and Virgil couldn't be happier to have her apart of his life. But with William still on the loose and Elizabeth wanting to go home things couldn't be more stressful.

After a feeding goes wrong Virgil is captured, tortured, and left starving in a basement where his only choice for food is Elizabeth’s best friend. It’s only a matter of time before Virgil gives in as Elizabeth searches desperately for him with two new faces.

Can she get to him in time or will William finally seek his revenge?

Book 3: Flat Line
After eight months from when Elizabeth Parks was first introduced into a world of vampires she thought things couldn't get more complicated. Her wedding to Virgil Hart is only a week away, her store is busier than ever, and to top it all off she can't seem to ignore a feeling as though she's being watched.

Keeping Virgil in the dark about her feelings may not have been the smartest of ideas a vampire mistakes her for someone else and kidnaps her right under their noses to a vampire who is as shocked to see her as she is to see him.

Again, Virgil finds himself racing the clock to get Elizabeth back, but this time will it be impossible to save her ? Will this be Virgil's last fight as he faces off with a house full of vampires? Or will he be able to reach her and once and for all settle things with his past?

Join Virgil and Elizabeth in the final book of the Pulse Trilogy, Flat Line. 
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