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Book Review of Transition: Book one of the Chimera Series


By Megan Johnston

The Chimera have been on Earth as long as humans, searching the Earth for their other half, their Sodalis (soul mate essentially). Without one, they are destined to live life without dreams, without love, and without hope.

Our leading characters are Develon, a Chimera who can turn into different animals and work with elements, and Shelby, a College student on vacation. They are Sodalis, but something is amiss when Develon smells that she is human. She has to be a Chimera to be his Sodalis. So what’s going on? You’re just going to have to read to find out.

From beginning this book had my attention. It has a nice and steady flow giving me a lot of information, but not so much to where I couldn’t keep up. Chimera people can control elements, normally one but sometimes more. They could change into animals. And they lived a heck of a long time. Pretty easy to follow so far. haha

I was really drawn to the romanticism behind finding a soul mate and how Develon will go to any lengths to protect Shelby as they try to figure out what is going on. All the characters are written so well, but Develon is defiantly my favorite. A man who can command so much power and be so kind hearted and loving towards the woman he is to spend the rest of his life with. That is if no one will get in his way.

If you haven’t already added this to your lists of reads, I highly recommend you do. It’s well worth the read.

Purchase your copy today on Amazon as either a paperback or Ebook.

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian,A Fated Pairing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Shoe Blog Tour part Two: The Shoe by Trista Jaszczak

This is part two of my 'The Shoe Blog Tour' post for today, September 13! The Shoe is book two of the Believe Series, a Romance and Fairy tale re-telling. You can fine the Shoe located on: Goodreads and Amazon.

The Shoe

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life...

All Blair Miller has ever really wanted was to study fashion in New York City. But as one door closed for her, another door opened. A bright and beautiful door that led her straight to a job at celebrity frequented, high end fashion boutique, ATTRAYANT, where she has now worked for years. When an invitation arrives for a masked ball that is being thrown to celebrate a world famous rock band’s new album, Blair finds herself being transformed into Cinderella for the night. When Blair not only falls for Prince of Rock, Hunter but also loses a precious $8,000.00 shoe, she finds herself in possibly the biggest mess of her entire life. How can reveal who and what she really is to Prince Charming? How can she afford to replace such an expensive shoe? With the help of her two “Fairy God Fathers” who are pushing for her happily ever after…anything could happen.

It’s difficult to feel at ease here. The guests are all so…expensive? Perhaps that’s not the right word. They’re…elite. A far cry from the girl who sells them all the goods. I wander around, taking in each person, their costumes, who they’re talking to. I float among the guests, a few even taking a moment to say hello, as though they truly recognize me. Ugh. Why did I let Christian and Anthony talk me into this? What the hell am I supposed to do here? Really try meet “Prince Charming?” Honestly, does Prince Charming exist? Is there some man out there ready to sweep me off my feet, fly me to exotic places and treat me like a queen? I manage to hold back a laugh and I smile as I work my way passed the masked waiter with the tray of champagne and wiggle my way to a corner. I look up to immediately connect my eyes with his. I’m shocked. So shocked that I glance away as quickly as I can. For some reason though I find it hard not to look at him and instead of keeping my gaze on the floor, I find myself staring, trying to keep control and a closed mouth. He finally smiles underneath the simple black mask that covers only his eyes, but even with part of his face covered, he is a vision of perfection in his traditional black tuxedo. The same masked waiter passes him and he gingerly takes two champagne flutes from the silver tray. He begins working his way through the crowd, moving bit by bit, closer to me. Suddenly he’s standing right in front of me before I have time to truly make sense of any of it.
                “Hi,” he says, softly.
                I look at him and force myself to speak, “Hi.”
                “Would you like a drink?” He asks, extending the champagne to me.
                “Might as well, you were sweet enough to bring me a drink. Thank you.” I say, taking the glass from him.
                “What’s your name, Princess?” He asks.
                I look up and into his deep blue eyes. Even under the mask there’s no mistaking who he is. His dark, messy styled hair, that sly smile, and hypnotizing eyes. His tall, well built frame. He is Hunter. He is the man throwing this masked ball for the release of his band’s album “Hidden.”
                I swallow a gulp of champagne. What the hell have Christian and Anthony gotten me into? I finally smile, “Just call me Cinderella.”
                He laughs, “Oh really?” He glares around us for a moment, “No Prince Charming?”
                I give my head a shake and have another sip of the rather tasty champagne, “No Prince Charming. I’m here alone, actually.”
                “What a coincidence, I’m here alone, too.” He beams, his sneaky little smile almost making me go weak in the knees.
                “What?” I say, “You don’t count your band mates?”
                He grins and gives me a little “you got me” smile. “You can tell me it’s me?”
                I laugh, “Please, anyone in the world would know Hunter, even under a little mask.”
                He laughs again and has a drink of the champagne, “You got me.”
                “I’m just that good,” I smile.
                “Well, what do you say to a dance?” He asks. “Since, you are the only one in this room to guess that it’s me.”
                I think for a moment. It’s a dance. What could one dance possibly hurt? I finally nod. He takes the champagne flute for me and places them both on a table draped in a silvery cloth and then reaches for my hand. His face meets mine, “Better go easy on me.”
                I laugh, “I think I can do that.”
                “Mind if we stick with the slow ones?” His hand immediately finds my waist and he draws my body near his and the song changes to a slow paced ballad.
                I hesitate and then finally nod. He begins to gently sway our bodies in a circular motion, “Remember, go easy on me.”
                I laugh, “What, they don’t teach you to dance in rock star boot camp?”
This makes him laugh as he gives me a gentle squeeze. He shakes his head, “I sing and play guitar. That’s the limit to my abilities.”
                “For some reason I doubt that,” I tell him.

I give The Shoe five out of five

The Shoe was a classic girl finds guy, girl runs away without leaving her number, guy searches for girl, and when guy finds girl they have to overcome certain obstacles before they can live happily ever after.

In this case, Blair is a young woman working for an evil ice queen, Camilla Hodgkins, with two nasty daughters, Mary Ann and Fay. The role of the Fairy Godmother is played hilariously by Blair’s best friends/saviors at times, Anthony and Christian. And the prince happens to be Derek Hunter, a rock star! After falling head over heels for his Cinderella at a masquerade ball he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart.

When Derek and Blair slip away to go back to his place the night of the Ball ((Spoiler!!)) nothing happens! Haha They share a wonderful night of talking and just having a great time. He proves to be such a gentlemen and when he wakes up all that is left of his Cinderella is one of her Louboutin. What’s a rock star to do other than go on TV and ask her to step forward, advertise, and even sing? He pulls out all the stops to find her. When he finally finds her -you’ll have to read it to find out- he asks her out on several dates before he has to leave on tour. I loved it.

I found each date fun, innocent, and romantic. Derek was truly a gentleman and somehow was able to find a balance between the difficulties of being famous and still have a girlfriend. Trista has really captured my heart with this one. Though there wasn't any magic or spells being cast, everything about this book was enchanting. This was one of those books that will sweep you off your feet. This is one heck of a Cinderella story that I want to read over and over.

If you are a fan of fairy tales, romance, a good laugh, and happily-ever-after, then The BELIEVE series is a MUST READ for you!

Author: Trista Jaszczak

Trista Jaszczak is the author of the Believe series, and upcoming relaunches, Loverboy, What Lies Inside, and the Darkness Falls Series. She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is originally from Hamilton  Ohio but calls home where ever the Air force sends her. She currently resides in Anchorage, alaska where she finds endless inspiration inthe pure Alaskan wilderness. when she isn't writing, she spends her time with family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar or working on self improvement in the gym. She loves the outdoors, the moon, old movies, and music.
You  can follow her on: AmazonFacebookGoodreadsTwitter, and her Blog

The Shoe Blog Tour part one: Little Red by Trista Jaszczak

This is part one to my 'The Shoe Blog Tour' post for today, September 13! Little Red is book one of the Believe Series release on June 18, 2012 and published by Front Porch Publishing. Its a Romance and Fairy tale re-telling. You can fine Little Red located on: Goodreads, and Amazon.

Little Red
Little Red Riding Hood is back in the woods again...and in the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf no less...

Ride along with Sam Wentworth through the winding back roads of Louisiana, on a desperate escape from her past. Where she falls into the arms of the unlikely and sometimes unwilling hero, Ethan Parker When circumstances and fate seal the two together, entangling them with his 6 older brothers, feuding families and a little old bayou magic, Ethan must put aside everything he has ever known to keep her safe from the dangers their lives and their love poses. Can he keep her safe from himself?

I barely have enough time to open my mouth, let alone scream as I’m flung into one of the walls of he shack. I groan as he holds me against the wall with one hand. I look up into his eyes. It’s not Ethan but I see a man who aside from his messier dark hair could easily pass for his brother. His silver eyes spark with brightness under the candle light and his 5 o’clock shadow is dominant on his face. He’s as tall as Ethan is with an unbelievably large build. His dark jeans and boots, like Ethan’s, are speckled with debris from the woods. His dark tee shirt reveals two muscular forearms that even under the dim candle lighting I can see tensing as he clings on to me.

            “What do we have here?” His voice is low and taunting as I force myself not to fight him. He leans in close; his nose twitches ever so lightly as he…smells me. “You have Ethan on you,” He growls.

            My mouth drops as the pain in my back begins spreading from the forceful meeting with the wall.

            “Where is he?” He grumbles.

            “He…” I stammer. “He went to.”

            “He’s right here!” I hear Ethan’s voice from the door of the cabin. My eyes snap toward him, pleading for him to help me.

            “Really Ethan?” The man says. “Really? She’s hasn’t been in town all of,” he leans down smelling me again, “a few hours.”

            I feel tears beginning to sting my eyes, the man slowly loosens his grip, but he doesn’t let go. He reaches for my forearm where he holds me away from Ethan. He’s using me as bait. He’s using me merely to taunt Ethan in some twisted game.

            “Let. Her. Go. Aaron.” Ethan growls.

            “What?” The other man laughs, “You mean to tell me she’s yours. This many years and you finally decide to.”

            Ethan is quick to cut him off, “Let her go.”

            Before I can say anything, five men, who match Ethan’s appearance, run in. One who is Aaron’s identical twin is the first to speak. “Aaron, you fucking moron, what are you doing?”

            I train my eyes on him for moment. Unlike his twin, his clean-shaven face presents chiseled features that are buried underneath Aaron’s scruff. His silvery eyes gleam under the candle light just as Aaron and Ethan’s eyes. His hair is dark but much shorter and well styled. His own white tee shirt, dark jeans and large boots also suggest that he has been romping around in the woods.

I give Little Red a five out of five.

Little red stares Samantha (AKA Red) and Ethan. Samantha is running from her horrible Ex who has been abusing her. She has no one but herself and all her possessions strapped into two little saddle bags on her motorcycle, which breaks down on a road in Louisiana. In an attempt to hid herself she pulls her motorcycle off the road and heads for the dark trees when she is found by Ethan, who isn’t about to leave her alone in the forest for the night.

Samantha and Ethan make one heck of a connection in the forest and before she knows it she’s suddenly knee deep in testosterone when his six brothers show up. There’s definitely something strange about the whole group, why are they acting like a pack of dogs and what’s with this sudden claim on Red being Ethan’s? It’s okay though, his brothers are the good guys. But if they’re the good guys, who is playing the villain in this Little Red Riding Hood remake? You’ll just have to read to find out. J

Every character is unique, the little time lapses that occur during the story was executed nicely, and the shifting between characters was easy enough to follow. There is loads of humor and at times I didn’t pictures the men being as old as they were supposed to be, but when you have this many men floating around, of course, you can expect some childishness. So I must applaud the author for keeping each of the characters an individuals and not getting then lost or muddled together. (James and Aaron were my favorites)

With all the good stuff aside I will point out that I found the characters moving a bit too fast. At one point Red’s on the run, following a stranger into the forest at night, listening to him tell his tragic life’s story, and then she too, pours her heart out. I understand the trauma and wanting to share it. I was screaming stranger the whole time. But I will say the connection with ‘their tree’ tied up at the end when Ethan pretty much is about to kick some butt was very nice.

And who wouldn't love the ending? I know I was smiling.
Author: Trista Jaszczak

Trista Jaszczak is the author of the Believe series, and upcoming relaunches, Loverboy, What Lies Inside, and the Darkness Falls Series. She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is originally from Hamilton  Ohio but calls home where ever the Air force sends her. She currently resides in Anchorage, alaska where she finds endless inspiration inthe pure Alaskan wilderness. when she isn't writing, she spends her time with family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar or working on self improvement in the gym. She loves the outdoors, the moon, old movies, and music.
You  can follow her on: AmazonFacebookGoodreadsTwitter, and her Blog

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bigfoot Poem (Poetry Fun)

I went for a walk
In the we’ early morning hours
Following interesting plants
And taking pictures of flowers
But it didn’t take long
Before I was lost and tired
I couldn’t believe
The event about to transpire
Must have gone in circles
For most of the trip
I finally gave up
And tried to relax for a bit
At my wits end
And tears beginning to swell
Out came a call
 And I was like, “what the hell!”
I panicked and ran
Till my feet were all sore
But I pushed on and on
Until I couldn’t anymore
It was then that I found
On old fallen tree
Too bad it was by
Falling and stumbling, you see
Then I landed hard
And hurt my back
I thought, “This is the end!
I heard something crack!”
Stomping and grunting
And making all kinds of noise
I was silently saying goodbye
To mom, dad, and the boys
When over me stood
Something quite incredible
I just prayed to God
That I didn’t look edible
And he, I think he,
Leaned far over me
To get a better look
Before I became history
His fur mighty thick
Covering his face but not his nose
Hi body twice my size
And covered from head to his toes
But enough about that
I’m about to be dinner
It’s Bigfoot’s lucky break
He must feel like a winner
I couldn’t close my eyes
Nor make a sound
Just silently cried
As I laid across the ground
But to my amazement and relief
He backed away
And opened his mouth
With something to say
“Dearie you must be lost
Let me lend you a hand
I know these woods well
So to get you home, I know I can.”
I laid in stunned silence
And petrified with fear
I thought for sure I had died
Because it was getting awfully weird
“Did you hit your head?’
He asked and finally I came to
Reaching out to touch him
I realized it to be true
I was not dreaming
Nor was I dead
But Bigfoot was before me
It wasn’t a delusion in my head
“I would love some help
To try and get home
I’m lost and hurt my back
And I’m out here alone.”
He nodded and listened
And I think he may have smiled
Then he reached out and picked me up
As though I was a child
It didn’t take long before I recognized things
An old fence post
And a wind-chime of rings
Then a small pond
With a circle of yellow flowers
And a small little dock
That we built in under an hour
Then there was the house
A familiar hue of blue
No longer was it covered
In the we’ early morning dew
With dad on the porch
A gun firmly in his right hand
Mom just a’ crying
In the arms of my bros Roy and Sam
The moment I was spotted
Was a mix of raw emotion
It happened so quickly
I couldn’t quite follow the commotion
“Well hello--“
Was all I heard Bigfoot say
Then bullets rang out
On that fateful day
Though it could have been handled
A bit differently
Now I have the world’s largest teddy bear!
Oh goody me!

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Do I Bother You At Night? Trailer Teaser!

Hello everyone,

I'm here to bring you a trailer for the up and coming novel Do I Bother You At Night? by Troy Aaron Ratliff. It's his first full-length horror novel after several five star short stories and finally the countdown has began. We are just 25 days away from it's release on October 4th.

Do I Bother You At Night?

They say nothing ever happens in Kansas.  Sylvester Petersen used to think so too.  That is, until a mysterious new neighbor moves in next door, seemingly out of nowhere.  His handful of friends – people who tried to help him cope with the sudden death of his wife – think that it might be an opportunity for him to get reacquainted with the world outside his farmhouse and to build a new relationship with his neighbor.  But that idea is soon snuffed out as strange events begin to happen around him.  None of them wrong.  Just strange: driving in the middle of the night, the sulfur-like odor coming off of him, the fact he doesn’t talk to anyone in the area.

And what about that dog?

Sylvester chooses the logical explanation and ignores the peculiar behavior.  But when other oddities start to happen – the kind that affects Sylvester directly – he begins to worry.  His reasoning dwindles and his growing fear points to his neighbor.

Where is that stray dog going?

After enough time, Sylvester starts to see and hear what the people of the area have been muttering about: Unexplainable blue light, corn crops moving on their own…the slaughtered cattle entirely too close to home.

And that stray dog that keeps getting fatter and fatter…

At the peak of summer, and with the walls closing in, Sylvester experiences something that will take him to the brink and haunt you forever.

Bathed in loss, terror, and human spirit, Do I Bother You at Night? will be a story you won’t forget and one that will keep you up at night.

Love thy neighbor.

Get a look at the trailer here:

And if you haven't already, add DIBYAN to Goodreads to your To-Read list:

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And Let the Countdown BEGIN!

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy, and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.