Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bigfoot Poem (Poetry Fun)

I went for a walk
In the we’ early morning hours
Following interesting plants
And taking pictures of flowers
But it didn’t take long
Before I was lost and tired
I couldn’t believe
The event about to transpire
Must have gone in circles
For most of the trip
I finally gave up
And tried to relax for a bit
At my wits end
And tears beginning to swell
Out came a call
 And I was like, “what the hell!”
I panicked and ran
Till my feet were all sore
But I pushed on and on
Until I couldn’t anymore
It was then that I found
On old fallen tree
Too bad it was by
Falling and stumbling, you see
Then I landed hard
And hurt my back
I thought, “This is the end!
I heard something crack!”
Stomping and grunting
And making all kinds of noise
I was silently saying goodbye
To mom, dad, and the boys
When over me stood
Something quite incredible
I just prayed to God
That I didn’t look edible
And he, I think he,
Leaned far over me
To get a better look
Before I became history
His fur mighty thick
Covering his face but not his nose
Hi body twice my size
And covered from head to his toes
But enough about that
I’m about to be dinner
It’s Bigfoot’s lucky break
He must feel like a winner
I couldn’t close my eyes
Nor make a sound
Just silently cried
As I laid across the ground
But to my amazement and relief
He backed away
And opened his mouth
With something to say
“Dearie you must be lost
Let me lend you a hand
I know these woods well
So to get you home, I know I can.”
I laid in stunned silence
And petrified with fear
I thought for sure I had died
Because it was getting awfully weird
“Did you hit your head?’
He asked and finally I came to
Reaching out to touch him
I realized it to be true
I was not dreaming
Nor was I dead
But Bigfoot was before me
It wasn’t a delusion in my head
“I would love some help
To try and get home
I’m lost and hurt my back
And I’m out here alone.”
He nodded and listened
And I think he may have smiled
Then he reached out and picked me up
As though I was a child
It didn’t take long before I recognized things
An old fence post
And a wind-chime of rings
Then a small pond
With a circle of yellow flowers
And a small little dock
That we built in under an hour
Then there was the house
A familiar hue of blue
No longer was it covered
In the we’ early morning dew
With dad on the porch
A gun firmly in his right hand
Mom just a’ crying
In the arms of my bros Roy and Sam
The moment I was spotted
Was a mix of raw emotion
It happened so quickly
I couldn’t quite follow the commotion
“Well hello--“
Was all I heard Bigfoot say
Then bullets rang out
On that fateful day
Though it could have been handled
A bit differently
Now I have the world’s largest teddy bear!
Oh goody me!

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

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