Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Book Reads

January comes to an end and my reading goal shifted. Have you ever had one stack of books where you tell yourself you are going to read them and then you see another stack of books that look a little more appealing and reach for it instead.

Well, that's exactly what happened!

I started with a goal of reading 10 Nancy Drew books and the next thing I know I'm nose deep in a Sherrilyn Kenyon book! I just can't keep away.

On the bright side I read Nancy Drew 1-3 and then 4 Kenyon books. This brings Jan 2016 Books read to 8 out of 52! that's a great thing. If I read 8 books a month all year I will have read about 96 books!! That is amazing, but my goal isn't that high and I know I will get distracted and be busy, so let's drop that down a little.

I have 44 books to go and 11 more months. so as long as I stay reading 4 books a months I will reach my end year book goal on time.

Books read so far for the Year 2016!!

Nancy Drew Books:

1-The Secret of the Old Clock---------5 Stars
2-The Hidden Staircase-----------------4 Stars
3-The Bungalow Mystery--------------5 Stars

Sherrilyn Kenyon Books:

Bad Attitude (B.A.D. Agency Book 1) ----------3 Stars
Silent Truth (B.A.D. Agency Book 4 w/ Dianna Love) ------2 Stars
Unleash the Night (Dark Hunter 8) -------------- 5 Stars
The Guardian (Dark Hunter 20) ------------------ 5 Stars
Dream Chaser (Dream Hunter) ------------------- 5 Stars

On to the next month! February To Be Read List coming soon!!

--Brenda Franklin, Silly human being with delusions of monsters and worlds in my head. :)

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