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Nightmares and Remedies 1st Excerpt

Title: Nightmares and Remedies
Series: A Pulse World Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 1st 2016


Haunted by reoccurring nightmares of silver eyes and sharp fangs, Bethany Jean, is at her wits end. She feels like she’s being watched all the time. At home, in the street; even at work! Nowhere feels safe. But just when she’s considering help for her delusions Bethany comes face to face with a living breathing vampire whose obsession with Bethany is deadly.

Lucas was one of many vampires looking for a murderer, what he didn’t expect was to find the man’s latest victim, Bethany, alive and turned into a vampire! Setting side his attraction for the woman Lucas is forced to take a back seat to finding the vampire at large so that he can watch and explain what’s going on when the woman wakes up, but convincing this woman that he is a good guy and the fact that she is no longer human isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

With a killer on the loose, a house full of vampire testosterone, and Bethany walking around in nothing more than Lucas' shirt, you can guarantee this is going to be one hell of a time and with any luck it could end in their favor. That is, if Bethany realizes that being a vampire has its perks.


She looked tiny, she stood huddled with her shoulders up and her arms wrapped tightly around her leaned forward slightly making her appear much younger and smaller then she was. Her large eyes were dark and wild, filled with terror. A terror Lucas instantly felt he wanted to replace. No woman should look this hurt. Flakes of silver were sprinkled in her eyes telling Lucas what she was. She was a converted. Could she be the murderer?
As quickly as the thought came Lucas dismissed it. He could see her. He could see the lack of a killer and the mind of a woman lost. Watching as she stepped back he felt his heart tighten in his chest. There was no way she was the one responsible for the killings.
Blood covered her clothes as her feet moved through the small lining of snow fresh on the ground.
“Stay away!” The woman ordered with a mix of fear and pushed anger into her voice. Her limbs shook violently as she moved further back and away from him.
“Lucas, there’s no one here. But man does it smell. I see blood and puddles of vomit. And restraints. God the smell.” Rupert gagged.
“Calm down.” Lucas took a step forward. The woman inched back. Her eyes slid towards the river. “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t.” Lucas spoke reaching out towards her mind instantly to stop her from doing something reckless. The moment he touched her mind he saw the struggle she had gone through and the pain that was coursing through her
The thoughts and feelings running through her knocked the wind out of him. They were raw and alive striking at him like hundreds of bees their stingers all aimed to numb and incapacitate him, but he held it together. His face never flinched as he endured the rolling wave of fire burning through her— and him. They felt it together and for that one moment he breathed with her, willing her a second of peace as they let out their breath into the cold night.
Her will and determination to survive was strong. She shouldn’t have even been standing in her condition. Lucas tightened his grip on her mind to take control. He needed her to stop before something bad happened. He needed to reach her and tame the demon roaring in the back of his mind at the man that had grabbed her, because he could see everything. He could feel everything done to her and he was outraged and distressed by it. By the feelings flooding his mind and turning his body against him in this moment in which he needed to be at his best. Alert and unshakable, but he was the opposite. And as he reached to her mind to help he saw their connection in her eyes followed by her instinct and knew he was too late.
Bethany knew what was coming. She knew her body wouldn’t be hers anymore if she waited any longer. Without a second’s hesitation she launched herself into the dark waters of the fast moving river. This was her only choice. The only thing she was capable of deciding for herself. There were no regrets as her body locked up instantly and her eyes closed.

     Lucas did the only thing he could do, jump in the freezing river after her.

About the author:

Brenda Franklin was born and raised in Louisiana surrounded by fantasy, romance, and the paranormal. She's always had a love for writing, having written her first horror story before middle school about a monster that devoured people in the night-I believe they call him the Boogie Man.

Brenda points the blame/thanks for her obsessive need to write and read about vampires to her father who had an old bookshelf in their living room when she was growing up. From top to bottom it was filled with combat related books, old westerns, books by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Brian Lumley, and many more fascinating reads. But the book Brenda remembers the most was ‘Interview with a Vampire’ by Anne Rice. After reading it, she's never been the same since.

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Twitter: Beefranklin613

Other works:

The Pulse Trilogy

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