Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amethyst by Heather Bowhay

I picked this book up FREE on Amazon kindle. It’s the first in the series and has been with me for a few months before I finally got around to reading it, which didn't take me long at all to finish. The only things that got in my way from me trying to finish this book in one sitting was the fact that the human body requires a few things to survive, that and sleep. Sleep was very important.

After reading Amethyst I am looking forward to getting my hands on the second book, Linked.
Amethyst stars Alex ‘Lexi’ Adams who is in college alongside her best friend Ally, but you would think the only thing stressful in their life should be jobs and classes, but for Alex it’s her constant premonitions. She sees things that are about to occur giving her the choice to save a life. Now, after seeing her death, learning about people called Amethyst, and discovering a whole new world it seems life has taken a deadly turn and the future is far from predictable.

I love the fact that even though supernatural elements are spun into the whole story your character is still normal. She still has guy problems, great friends, jealous people, and emotional moments. I mean, it’s not all about a bigger plot to destroy the world when people with supernatural abilities are involved, just most of the time. Sometimes it’s really the small things that help to build and make a story wonderful. Like motorcycle rides with Ash. I loved them. It’s so simple, but I've always loved a nice ride on a bike. Also, when she uses a bat as a weapon, it was classic. Or how about when Alex helps to perform CPR or listens to Ash and his band rehearse. It was small things like this that I loved.

I think the concept was the next thing that was remarkable. I loved the connection between the Amethyst being the healer and then the thoughts behind Guardians. I will admit that during the explanation of the newly discovered Amethyst I had to slow down and read carefully. I found myself pausing to ensure I understood everything. It really was a lot to take in and I felt just like Alex, which I couldn't help but give a laugh at. I think Heather captured Alex’s reactions perfectly and I just loved that about her. She felt real. I felt like I was Alex!

Now this is the negative. What I think pushed me harder than anything else was the pace of the story. I wanted to know more about what was going on instead of getting all these little teases of information. I was boiling over with questions. I can be a very impatient person and I think it was beginning to drive me mad as by the sixty percent I still didn't have a grasp as to what the main plot was, other than Alex’s premonition of her death and me wondering when that was going to happen and who was going to help save her. Okay, that and the constant wonder of her relationship between Jason and Ash. I'm been a big fan of picking between two guys and by sixty percent I wanted both.

I give it a five out of five.

Heather, I must say that you created one heck of an interesting story that I’m so happy to have read. It's defiantly different from what i'm used to. I’m glad you have this book for free and that I took the time to read it. I look forward to reading Linked.

To learn more about Heather and to buy her works click the links below:

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

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