Thursday, October 24, 2013

A few Questions for the Pulse Trilogy

These are a few questions that I have put together for you about The Pulse Trilogy.
Why the Pulse Trilogy and what was the experience like?
I wanted my own vampire romance, as cheesy as that may sound. I have read many books and when I was younger I had all these ideas on what I wanted to do. So why not create my own. To have an outcome of my own design, though at times it felt as if the characters knew more than me, and most importantly a cast of characters that I had created. I could make them fall in love, or destroy each other with a few simple lines. It was a fun experience and something that I will always remember. Even as I branch out and continue writing I am very happy with my first series.
This whole adventure has been a great learning experience and I have met so many people along the way that have helped me understand just what goes into being an indie author. I am both blessed and honored at everyone I have met. The writers, the reviewers, and the bloggers have all showed me a completely different side to being a writer that I didn’t see when I first dove into this career path last year.

Three things I have learned so far in this journey is:
1.) Don’t be afraid to call on others for help. (Such as editing, cover design, and research)
2.) You’re book wont advertise itself. (Blog, tweet, joins groups, and pass it along to family and friends)
3.) Accept rejection and understand that you can’t please everyone.

Who was your favorite character?

I love my main characters, Elizabeth and Virgil, but if I had to pick a favorite girl I think it would be Bethany, Elizabeth’s friend. Now, my favorite guy would have to be Virgil Hart. I could never pick another guy above him. He’s loyal, courageous, has a big heart, and though he carries a lot of baggage he’s just the right amount of emotion to make anyone love him.

Did you have a song you loved to listen to when writing?

Gosh, I loved listening to Linkin Park, Worn by Tenth Avenue, Adele, Celtic women, Nox arcana, and the epic music to the mini-series the Bible. There were others but these are on a folder I have that I just play over and over until my ears are bleeding.

Who is your favorite couple?

I love Elizabeth and Virgil most of all, but there are two other relationships I have thought about that I completely love as well, and that would be Bethany and Lucas, which you meet in the third book, but they aren’t a couple yet. The second is William and Cassandra. I know we don’t really hear another about them except tragedy, but I love how their story plays out in my head and I have already begun to work on a story to explain exactly what I mean. J

What was your favorite scene to write?

In A Steady Pulse I loved writing the scene with the old brothers (name?). They are fun and loveable and their conversation was priceless. In Barley Beating I loved writing the scene where Bethany and Virgil were face to face in, what appears to be, Beth’s final moments. In Flat Line I would have to say that the death of ____ was my favorite scene…. Oh come on, like I was really going to tell you who died. J

After finishing the book how do you feel now?

I feel so excited because I can now shift some of my attention to many other projects I have in the works.

Will there be more to the series later? Or perhaps a different set of books with a different character in the same world?

I would love to come back to my Pulse World, but not with the same leading characters. Perhaps a standalone finally revealing Garrison’s past, what the hunters are truly trying to prevent from happening, where did the vampires come from, and what happens ten years from when the Pulse series takes place? I’m also thinking a prequel to The Pulse Series exploring what happened between William and his family. These are all things I have running through my head on how I could carry on, but for now I am just going to focus on perfecting the three books I have in the Trilogy.

What’s the next project?

I have many projects in the works that I look forward to sharing with you:
A horror story for October, a new series I want to start in November, a new paranormal romance book called Saving Grace, and I’m working on my middle grade book.
My last project is a fun one. I can finally start creating the world of Middle-Lands and begin plotting out exactly where I would love to take the series. Yes, series. I’m not going to limit this one to just one book or even three this time because the possibilities are limitless! And I’m so excited to get started that I might just skip the other three projects to do this one. haha

Many thanks too:

I would like to thank my husband, Shawn, and my best friend Mi’sha, for helping me break through the concrete walls in my mind that said I couldn’t do this. They are amazing and I might have neglected them both a little too much as I wrote the last book. J Sorry! I love you both so much!
To my blogger and jewelry crafter of a sister, Becky Shelton, thank you for listening to my rants and pushing my ideas further, though I didn’t listen sometimes. And thanks again for reading my very first draft of A Steady Pulse, I know that was probably a little painful. haha

I also can’t thank Ashley Wied enough for making my three wonderful ebook covers. I couldn’t have asked for better images. They are beautiful and you are also such a wonderful person. Thank you always.

If you have any questions for me just post them in the comments and I'll post and answer them. :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse Trilogy.

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