Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Write.

I spend most my time writing Fantasy fiction stories targeting young adults mixing in the occasional paranormal flare, or leaving it with the wonderful world of vampires and wolves. This can be seen in my Pulse series that I am still currently working on. 

The first book is called A Steady Pulse, which is about a vampire named Virgil who just wants to continue to live his somewhat normal life, but when 23-year-old Elizabeth Parks drives up to lake Syke for a vacation away from her own life, things get complicated.

I have also dedicated a good portion of my time to mapping out my own world and forming history to places such as Edenburrow and Sandcraft in my latest work called, Tale of a Script.

Introduction to Tale of a Script:

Sisters, Elaina and Madeline Script, ran away from their home on Trinity Islands three years ago. Since then they have taken on the occasional bounty job, saved a couple of lives, and tried to keep an eye on one another, until yesterday, when Madeline was found dead and displayed in the center of town.

At her wits end, Elaina is forced to take on street thuds, royal guards, and even storm the castle, all in the name of finding her sister's killer. But fear not, she isn't alone in her struggles. she meets several characters along the way, a mysterious fighter, and old friend, a master craftsman, and many more.

Join Elaina as she experiences loss, love, and betrayal, all within the course of the next few days in, The Tale of a Script.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this.

I am B. Franklin and you can find all my works on

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