Friday, May 4, 2012

A Steady Pulse

A Steady Pulse is the first story of my Pulse Series.

Virgil just wants to continue living his somewhat normal life as a vampire, but when Elizabeth Parks drives up to Lake Pineywoods for a vacation away from her life, things become complicated.


“What--” Virgil’s voice cut short by a dim female whisper.
He turned quickly to his right expecting to see someone. He looked around and even into Garrison’s room for a moment. He heard her. Clear as day. Her voice tired and scared, a plea.
“Virgil?” Garrison’s voice pulled him from his momentary insanity as he continued to glance around knowing that what he heard was impossible.
“I thought I heard someone for a moment.” He shook his head. It had been a hard pass few hours. Her voice was now haunting him. Even when he had left her house he could still see her memories. He could see pieces of her past and mixture of feelings all bottled up within.
“Virgil?” Helena entered the hall. “You okay?” Helena had been ease dropping on their conversation coming to check on Virgil out of concern. He laughed lightly at her worry and raised his hand to wave her worry away, but as his hand lifted up something unexpected occurred.
Virgil’s body slowed. Time almost stood still as he watched Helena slowly stepping towards him. Pulling his eyes away from her, he gazed upon Garrison rising slowly to his feet. Virgil’s senses stretched out. It was like Garrison was trying to talk but this wasn’t Garrison’s doing. His blood boiled as both his head and chest felt a great wave of pressure and pain. His felt body as though it was being crushed for a brief second.
Someone help! Please! She screamed as though she was just down the hall.
“Elizabeth!” Virgil gasped back to reality grabbing the doorframe for balance as Garrison reached out to him. Sweat beaded down his forehead. The room swayed for a moment.
“Are you okay?” Helena rushed to him, but Virgil turned with such speed tearing from Garrison’s light touch and down the hall past Helena to the front door.
He could feel it. Something was wrong. He didn’t know what had happened and how, but he wasn’t going to ignore something as loud as that.
“Hold on, I’m coming!”

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  1. That's a very interesting start to what looks like an interesting story. I'll sure put it on my reading list.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words.