Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Steady Pulse from Smashwords to Amazon

My first Ebook, A STEADY PULSE, made its debut on Smashwords on December 5, 2011. I was beyond the simple description for the word nervous when I pushed the button to publish it online that I could have had a heart attack. Any person watching me as I sat quietly in the library would have thought I was making a life and death decision.

Well, I was.

I was facing my demons of perfection demanding me to wait. They were saying I wasn’t good enough and that I could do better. They also filled my head with doubts about people reviewing my work and eating me alive! How would I survive?

But I did it. I pushed on and managed to publish my works in Smashwords. It must have taken a week before it fully set in and though I updated it a couple of times for mistakes that were simple I found courage. With each update and sell I became stronger.

I found out I wasn’t alone and that I was being supported by people just like me! And with this new found discovery I knew I needed to go farther than Smashwords. I started a BLOG, I joined Twitter, and I even gained friends from FACEBOOK. I started to form a small group of authors to follow (Ia Uaro, Cheryl, for example) and slowly it expanded into being a part of a full community (tweets4authors).

Then I found Ashley Wied and fell head over heels in love with her cover art and took yet another big step for me. Something I probably should have done in the beginning, but I’m still learning. After several days and many lovely conversations back and forth she made the process easy and painless. Next thing I knew I had this one of a kind cover that I couldn’t be more than happy about. She really did take the hundreds of things I gave her and narrowed it into a great piece. I definitely plan to go back to her for my next works. You can learn more about her by clicking on her name.

Now with a new cover and with a whole cast of supporters I published my work on Amazon as of September 11th and I haven’t looked back.

I look forward to what everyone has to say about my book and I can’t wait to finish my next paranormal romance. I am also working on several over projects, one is a Middle Grade fiction which a sample of the first chapter can be read here: The Adventures of Kyle and Jordan Chapter 1 Part 1.

Thank you for reading, following, and supporting me and my work.
B. Franklin
To learn more about A STEADY PULSE please click one either links to amazon and smashwords to read a description.

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