Thursday, November 15, 2012

NaNoWriMo anyone?

This year I am taking part in what is known as NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month! At first when someone told me about it I wasn't sure it was even possible, but after having started on the third it has been a thrill ride. In taking this challenge I have learned how to better my use of time and that if I put my mind to something I can accomplish it.

It is the fifteenth and though I haven’t finished it I have gotten about four-fifths the way done. Yes, I have written close to 40,000 words!! The goal is to write a short novel at about 50,000 words in the month of November. Start on the first and end by the 30th I believe. I’m still working that part out, but I hope to have mine finished around 60K and fully done for editing by the 20th. The 20th also happens to be the release date for my second Pulse Trilogy Book, Barely Beating.

One of the biggest things about how to go about writing is to pull away from the internet and other distractions. Thank you though for staying on long enough to read my blog. J I won’t’ tell. I think I would have written more it only I could keep away from the web, but I have to admit I have been only on in short burst throughout the days. Going cold turkey is a little harder than I thought.

What I have done is I’m carved out a corner of a room where I surround myself with inspiration, notes, and a trusty pair of headphones which block out background sounds and feeds me an endless amount of music from my playlist. I could never go about writing any story without music. Depending on what scene I’m writing I have a different playlist for it. Sad, happy, a fight scene, or a love scene, everything has its own music, but I drift.
When writing I normally write the beginning and ending so I know where I’m going to, but this time I’m writing from beginning to end all the way through. I’ll go back and add scenes later, working on editing, and refine everything when I have finished the first draft, but for now I am concentrating on simply getting the story pulled out of my head in one coherent mass.

So even if you start typing now to be a part of NaNoWriMo I think you can pull it off. Just manage your time and pull yourself away from the internet, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done when you’re not reading Facebook updates, staring at a funny picture, digging through Twitter, or deciding what next to build on Minecraft.

I hope this helps if you’re working on it and if you haven’t taken part in NaNoWriMo maybe next year you will join in. J I know I will!

Brenda Franklin author of A Steady Pulse and Barely Beating, first two books of the Pulse Trilogy
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