Friday, March 1, 2013

Atticus for the Undead and Haunted Moon Reviews

Atticus for the Undead (a legal fiction) by John Abramowitz

Don’t be thrown off by the word ‘legal’. Yes, it is a legal thriller, but no, it’s not hard to follow. The writer gives you all the information and more that you will need for following the book. And you really could easily push this into a few other categories. It’s full of humor, magic, and drama.

Atticus for the Dead starts off in the real world after, what is called, ‘the unveiling’ has happened and all manner of beings (vampires, zombies, and such) have stepped out into the light. Mankind is now at the point where they are in in conflict about political actions and rights towards the sudden appearance of the supernatural beings. Neighbors, family members, and friends can be one of them, one of the supernatural. Movements have started up, both against and for, supernatural beings. And when a supernatural (Arcane) is against the wall in matters of the legal kind, who will rise up to help?

And that’s where out man comes in! Hunter Gamble is just the man for the job! He’s a lawyer come to save the day and he’s bringing his A -game.

This book is a great balance of snappy dialogue mixed into a legal mesh of fun with great characters. I would have finished the book a lot faster if work hadn’t forced me away! Though I can see where some people would be put off by a book like this, I would say at least give the first three chapters a try. I give this book a four out of five.
 John Abramowitz:
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Hunted Moon by K.B. Miller

Having not read the series before, I can say that this story alone is a nice start, a nice background or foundation for the series in my mind. It has a well put together beginning, middle, and end, and enough action to keep you interested. I know I was! I finished it in one read and was completely satisfied. It really was something worth picking up and enjoying.

This story leads with one of two sisters having come of age to join in her mother’s coven, but she is shaken by an encounter of the vampiric kind. With her sister mad at her, the weight of joining the coven, and the thought that she is going to have to KILL creatures (vampires), she isn’t sure she can handle it all. But when her sister’s life is in danger, Leeny must find the strength with the Goddess to be the Witch she is destined to become. I give it a five out of five.

K. B. Miller:
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