Friday, July 12, 2013

Review of Diamond Sky by Diana Nixon

Diana Nixon has sucked me into her world from day one of the Love Lines series and I can’t thank her enough to allow me a chance to read and review her work with an ARC.
What I love about her work is that I think it’s fun, fresh, and very creative. The depth of not only her imagination, but her characters are so refreshing. The humor, the heart ache, the love, and the overall whole experience wouldn’t have been the same with any other written characters. So I applauded Diana for continuously making me fall in love with all of her characters throughout all of her books.
With that being said let’s get onto the real reason you are reading this blog post. J The review!
Diamond Sky is a young adult fantasy novel that will push the limits of the Love Lines series to new and terrifying heights. Be prepared to laugh, love, and even yell at your reading device (I did) as you follow along with Eileen, Christian, and Evan (along with plenty of other interesting characters) in their journey to find not only spells to protect not only themselves but their friends.
If you are not familiar with the Love Lines series then you might get a little lost as you dive into the world of Dever, a school for people with certain abilities in any of the seven groups: Feta, Meridin, Venturo, Vero, Embry, Fairey, and wizardy. But it won’t take long to get your bearings as Diana quickly catchs you up to speed on the invisible connections between your cast of characters such as the bonds that tie Eileen to Christian, Amanda, and Evan.
Overall, I would recommend all of the Love Lines books to anyone. It is a fantasy young adult series that has the ability to capture the heart of any who read it and I can see this as being one of those stories that will stay with me for a long time.
I look forward to seeing where her next book in the series will take us. This is the part I hate the most, the waiting! J
I give this book 5 out of 5
Love Lines (book 1)
Songs of the Wind (book 2)
To learn more about Diana Nixon or to buy her works:
Love Lines:
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Songs of the wind:
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From Scratch:
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Diamond Sky:
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Diamond Sky (book 3)

From Scratch (book 2.5)
And thank you again Daian for the ARC! I look forward to where the series goes from here and any other works you may have hidden away. ;)

-Brenda Franklin
Author of the Pulse Trilogy
and Guardian, A Fated Pairing

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  1. Awesome! As always:) Thanks a lot, Brenda! Glad you liked the book:) xoxo