Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review of reflections by J. Dorothy

Reflections: Eternal Curse Trilogy
By J. Dorothy

Jo doesn't know why she inherited a magical ring.
She doesn't know why her father abandoned her when she was a baby, or the truth about her mother's death.
Jo doesn't know a lot about her past.
but she's about to find out.
Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she's about to discover what really happened to her father all those years ago.
She's on a new path, a path including her first love, a path that will lead to the truth about a family secret held for generations.
Jo's about to face her first real challenge.
'Reflections' is just the beginning.

Reflections is book one of the Eternal Curse Trilogy. It’s a Young Adult Fantasy filled with mystery and magic starring sisters Jo and Gabriella - who couldn’t be more different. Jo is introverted, kind, and the kind to assist when anyone needs it, while Gabriella has more of a controlling and selfish nature wrapped in beauty.

Though I did find the first couple of chapters a little slow, it was still interesting enough to keep my attention. Next thing I knew I was staying up late trying to solve all of my questions: What’s with the rings? Who is Rowellyn? And what will be the outcome of the curse?

The use of magic in this book is different than what I have read, as of late. It is always refreshing to see new ideas and this one doesn’t disappoint. The characters were fun and well rounded, as well as realistic with just as strong secondary characters (My favorites were James and Spencer.). And the more I read the more I found myself falling in love with the relationship between James and Jo, as well as between Jo and her sister, Gabriella.

So sit back and enjoy the ride as J. Dorothy takes us through her world of the Eternal Curse Trilogy with a few twists, sister rivalry, and a little love. If the first one is this good, I can’t wait to read the next book, Shadows.

4 out of 5 stars

J. Dorothy and her works:

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Enlightenment (Coming Soon)

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy and Guardian, A Fated Pairing.

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