Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Hate Zombies!

Resident Evil Games
Let me share a little fact with you. I love Happily-Ever-After…and when Zombies are involved you can toss that out the window. I just can’t stand how movies work the zombie today. Zombie quarterbacks basically in 28 Days Later series, the Walking Dead is another crazy one. Resident Evil and all the mutating going on make it hard to stay alive depending on your area, but at the same time I guess in the games they aren’t all infected. There is also the latest movie, World War Z which out does the runners in the 28 Day Later!! Can you believe? There was one scene close to the beginning when a man was driving a van and a woman bashing in through the front window biting him. He ends up outside the car and transforms on the spot and proceeded to bash his head against the window of his own vehicle with his screaming friends inside. It was intense.

Let me be clear I HATE ZOMBIE MOVIES but that doesn’t stop me from watching them because I want someone to change my opinion one day. For example, my favorite two movies was Warm Bodies and the original Night of the Living Dead. Can you image if a zombie virus spread and they acted like Night of the Living Dead? I think we could win that one. They are slow moving and as long as we work as a team we could clear cities and clean house. We got this. Granted I never want anything like that to happen it doesn’t stop that little voice in the back of my mind scared it might and praying if it does which one to pick.

Yep, I think like this and I know some of you out there think just like me. :) What movies have I missed and what is your opinion? I’d love to hear what you have to say about movies you love to hate and zombies.

Man, for someone that hates Zombies I sure do torture myself. I’m going to go read more of my Zombie Survival Guide. :)

-Brenda Franklin

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