Sunday, March 1, 2015

Barely Beating Cover Re-Reveal!

The sexy Cover for Barely Beating by Jennifer Munswami! 

After a not so pleasant vacation featuring Elizabeth Parks nearly being killed, she couldn’t be happier to be home. Though, the vacation wasn’t a total bust. She did find herself now dating a deliciously sexy man named Virgil Hart. The only downside was that he was a vampire. Not that it was a big downside, but it did make things more complicated when asked ‘what happened while she was on Vacation?’ Needless to say Elizabeth tries her best to put the whole experience behind her while she focuses on work and maybe about putting her hands on Virgil. What’s a girl to do when he’s walking around shirtless all the time in her apartment?

But is it really that easy to fall back into her old life and put the events of her vacation behind her? Definitely not! It isn’t long before her Pulse radar goes off and her newly formed vampire family is on high alert. What creatures have been stalking them? Are they the real enemy or is there someone much worse lurking just around the corner?


Book 2: Barely Beating
Book 1: A Steady Pulse
Brenda Franklin

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