Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

There is something about Friday that puts a smile on my face. On this day I start work at a local Ice cream shop, Marble Slab, until the afternoon on Sunday. It's a fun place to work. Honestly, you can't not be happy when you work around ice cream all day. :D What makes you happy about Friday?

Yet again my family has finished two new puzzles “F is for Feline” puzzle title in which two 5oo piece puzzles are placed together in a box with no picture. It has a fun back story to a crime and you have to solve the crime with the two puzzles you are given. It truly was a lot of fun. It's one of those Mother daughter things we love to do in our free time. And my mum has gotten good. :)

Okay, there is a new rule around the house. I am not allowed to buy more books until I finish some of the ones I own. I guess that is a fair deal. I have to try and curve my spending habits one way or another. :) I guess my husband doesn't know that I can read like a crazy person.

As I was writing that last line. My husband looked over my shoulder and said new rule, every 10 books you can buy a new one since you read so fast.

….... He is so cruel.

So my list of books read already is Suddenly Supernatural book four: Crossing Over.
5/5 stars! I love Mrs. Kimmel's Middle Grade books featuring medium-in-training Kat Roberts. So far there are four books in this series and they are filled to the brim with humor, teenage struggles, crushes, and friendships. :)

That's one book down! Nine more to go!

I am also currently reading The lightning Thief and The Flame in the Mist. Review coming for The lightning Thief SOON.

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