Friday, August 14, 2015

Pulse World stories

The Pulse World, though finished for Elizabeth and Virgil in The Pulse Trilogy (A Steady Pulse, Barely Beating, and Flat Line), is still alive and kicking. There are an array of characters that we have yet to truly learn about. Along with stories that are begging to be told. Such as people's histories, how certain couples ended up together, the story that started the war between brothers, and what about some of the adventures of Annette and Andrel?! If you don't know the characters you are missing out! Grab your copy of A Steady Pulse as an ebook for #FREE at Barnes and Noble or a paperback.

Anyway, this is where I am at. I am struggling to figure out what story to tell first. Two are currently colliding with one another, though one is in the led I am beyond excited to get them out! First drafts are so much fun but they are always the messiest and require the most attention. There is so much detail and connections you have to make sure line up within each other, especially when writing scenes that run parallel in another book.

I don't want to give too much information, but I will say this. One story takes place almost a year after the Pulse Trilogy, while one runs parallel to the Pulse Trilogy revealing what happened to a character that should have perished. I know, that could be a few different people, but if you have read book three, Flat Line, I am certain you guessed who. :)

There is plenty more to come, and both of these stories do not have release dates. So I am saying 2016 for now until things become more certain.

See you soon!

Brenda Franklin

The Pulse Trilogy
(Paranormal Romance Trilogy)
A Steady Pulse AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes and Noble
Barely Beating AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes and Noble
Flat Line AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes and Noble

Guardian, A Fated Pairing
(Paranormal Romance)
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