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The Pulse Trilogy: Little secrets You may not have known

The Pulse Trilogy

As the writer there are things I love to picture about my characters that may not end up on the page. I can't tall you every piece of food a character likes, all of their life's decisions that led them here, or many other things in which aren't that relevant to the story, but I do try and share a lot. So, here is some information you may not know. Along with little spoilers about what might be to come or said in works not yet revealed. :) 

Unknown Piece of Information #1:

Elizabeth’s full name is Elizabeth Ann Parks. Her middle name is a shortened version of her mother’s name.

Unknown Piece of Information #2:

Elizabeth has two Aunts, six Cousins, and one Second Cousin on the way. All of her family lives within Louisiana except her cousin Ami, who is married to Timothy Sanders. They live in the Fort Worth area in Texas.

Unknown Piece of Information #3:

Bethany’s last name:
She always introduces herself by Bethany Jean. This reason is because Bethany’s family is connected to the Liddell family fortune. Her mother was adopted into the family, but has best tried not to pull her kids into the lime light. Hence why Bethany’s always wearing glamorous outfits and dressing up when she’s not at work. Its apart of her parent’s upbringing. It’s also the reason why her parents aren’t there. They are always away on business or vacationing at one of their many houses. Bethany chose to stay in Alexandria where she found a second family in Elizabeth and her father.

Liddel Family fortune came during the early 1920s, first starting out by investing in small businesses and supporting many flourishing companies. Throughout the years became top twenty wealthiest profiting off of everything from Magazines to furniture stores. Now, they are leading in home decor Magazines with the latest in modern and southern decor. And still today they rank among the top twenty with future goals to integrating Asian style into their company with a new magazine release in hopes a bringing in a fresh crowd and sky rocking them into the Top Ten.

Unknown Piece of Information #4:

Elizabeth’s family is a mix of rebels, Saints, and a couple of Tar heel fans--Elizabeth and her dad being the Tar heel Fans.

Unknown Piece of Information #5:

Elizabeth drives a blue BMW, 2008 Honda Accord when we first meet her in A Steady Pulse, but after getting into a car accident she gets a white 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid.

Unknown Piece of Information #6:

Martha, Elizabeth’s Aunt, is given the middle name Angeline. This is in honor is Samuel Senior’s (Grandfather to Elizabeth) baby sister who passed away before Martha’s birth.

Unknown Piece of Information #7:

Virgil’s mother moved after receiving the letter saying that her one and only son, Virgil, died in combat and ended up getting remarried. But she always carried with her a picture of Virgil and her first husband in a locket around her neck. She always loved him even though she hated his choice to join the military.

Unknown Piece of Information #8:

Characters like Andrel and Garrison do not have a past to younger vampires because the truths about their lives are in secret. Not many know about the start of vampires and ever fewer survived it. What we see now is only a shell of what was left of the true Vampyre. To be revealed later.

Unknown Piece of Information #9:

Helena Poe was Born in 1825. Reborn 1856
Her father died in a stabbing and her mother married again, but with four new siblings, Helena became invisible and she was forgotten to do with life what she wanted and placed on the streets. So she erased her former life and removed herself of her name. She replaced it with Helen Poe after Lugen-Poe and became a part of the group Les Nabis (post-impressionist avant-garde artists) in France.
She began working under Garrison after William had saved her from hoodlums in the slums on London.

Unknown Piece of Information #10:

Chris Wells, Sarah and Samantha’s brother from A Steady Pulse, hunted and tracked down William. William was impressed with Chris’s thirst for revenge that he used Chris for his own game of revenge even though William was responsible for what happened to Samantha. It was this yearning for the power to kill those responsible that drove Chris to speed up the process and turned him into a monster.


Book 2: Barely Beating
Book 1: A Steady Pulse
Brenda Franklin

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