Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trust No one story idea in my dreams

I have very structured dreams that assist in giving my some odd story ideas or, in the end, some really good pointers. This piece below is just a taste of what I experience while I am asleep.

Trust No One

It was 12th grade and I was in my final Magic class.

This was it, I thought. This was the final exam before we were done. I would become a full fledged sorceress!

The teacher stepped forward, “and now for your final lesson.” He extended his hand out across the classroom and one by one every other student turned into a monster. They were hideous creatures that sat to my left and right. I and many others jumped from out chairs in panic. “In the world of magic you will never know who is truly good and who is truly evil. You must decide for yourself who to put your trust into throughout life and pick out the illusions. Figure out what’s your enemy and what isn’t. Now,” he clapped his hands as the room shook and students and monsters roared and screamed  knocking chairs and tables over. “Fight to survive!” the teacher boomed and the battles began.

I shoved myself into the back wall as I watched my fellow students pull out weapons. Students fought not only monsters but other students and it was the same for the monsters.

Why were they fighting each other?

It was a horrific sight, as one by one they tore each other to shreds. Was I being a coward to hide against a wall unmoving, no, I was picking my fight wisely.

Was this a trick? Why were their eyes glowing? And all the same color.

A cry from my best friend broke out and I watched as she lay barely able to hold up her blade to defend herself.

Finally I was in motion, sliding a desk out of my way and taking from her hand a sword; lifted it above us both to counter the blade of a fellow student who attacked with wild fear in his eyes before lifting his hand to cast a dangerous spell at us.

I raised my hand to counter and as I did such I felt a cold slice through my shoulder. Distracted, his spell slammed into us with thankfully half its true force and shoved us, along with several others, across the room and into a pile.

My body laid across my friend as the pain grew. She cried and shoved me away forcing me on my back and to see what had happened as others picked themselves up. A dagger laid rooted in my shoulder. She had stabbed. And it hurt like hell!

My friend raised her hand to attack me again. “Wait!” I cried, but she closed her eyes and shot at me a colorful spell which slammed where my body once laid as I rolled out of the way. Instead, it tore at the flesh of another person.

I lifted up and looked across the room.

She couldn’t recognize me. I gasped rising to my feet and still clutching the blade in my left hand. None of them recognized anyone.

I turned into a fast circle with the realization. My classmates, my friends, no one knew they were hurting each other. No one knew they were being killed by their own people.

Bodies laid dead, blood smeared everywhere as one by one fell.

A monster rushed to attack, but I countered with a push spell and bolted at the only thing that hadn’t changed in the room. The only thing that I knew could have caused this and as I approached it willingly opened its arms and accepted what was to come.

I plunged my blade deep into his heart and out the other side of his flesh until his body was touching the hilt and against me.

“Very good.” The teacher gargled, his weight fully laid across me.

The room went silent as the illusion spell faded, but only for a moment. Then the screams started. And I dropped the sword, turned towards the door and away from the bloody mess, pulled the dagger from my shoulder and placed my hand over the wound.

I had passed my final test and learned my final lesson.

Trust no one in the world of Magic.

Book 1: A Steady Pulse
Book 2: Barely Beating

Brenda Franklin

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