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Book Review: No Strings Attached

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Games can be different. Some are innocent, others are dangerous. But there are also those that you will never learn how to play.
Oliver Altier is a guy whose every day is a game, a game of passion. His only rule is: no strings attached, no guilt involved. Oliver thinks he knows everything about how to please women. Until one day, he meets Jillian Murano, a woman who is so much like him when it comes to relationships: she hates obligations, but she loves men, margaritas and fun.
What will be different this time?
Will passion and lust be enough to turn their games into something real?
If they thought it would be nothing but another play, they should have thought twice before getting into something that will change them both, once and for all…

5 out of 5
Oliver Altier is a man living in the moment without attachments and a woman at his beck and call kind of guy. He’s the kind that every father would tell his baby girl to run away from and the kind where he doesn’t like not getting what he wants. He’s complicated and a bit dirty. I love it!
Jillian Murano is a workaholic, feisty, sharp tongued, take no crap kind of gal. She’s the kind that also knows what she wants in life and works her butt off to get it. She isn’t in the market for a relationship to make her life even more complicated, especially since her best friend is marrying her boss. That already makes her life hard.
When Jillian’s sister and a dog ruin her apartment Jillian turns to her best friend for help and moves into her old apartment, which she is grateful. That is, until she realizes she’s not the only one staying there. She comes face to face with her boss’s brother, Oliver and darn! He’s wearing too much clothes. . .
Can these two really share the apartment without anything between them?  Or will the house to go up in flames around them? The only question I’m wondering is will it be the flames of passion or hate?
Diana Nixon knows how to write a story that makes you wet your lips, reach for a drink, and laugh out loud. She also knows how to write love. And that is what this story is. It’s a love story. In the end that’s what it boils down to. It’s about Oliver becoming a man and discovering what he truly wants in life (SPOILER! It’s Jillian) and about Jillian finally allowing someone to get past her hard exterior and into her heart (SPOILER! It’s Oliver!).
The conversations are fun and lively, the characters are witty and sexy. They are the ‘tie them to the bed’ kind of characters. Who doesn’t like a little role play? There really isn’t a duel moment with this cast.
There is enough banter between characters to keep the story moving at a fast pace. Trust me, you’re going to eat this book up. I know I did. In one afternoon (to the morning) I sat back and read this book refusing to put it down because I had to know what was happening! At one point Oliver was so sweet and the next he’s completely an ass! I had to know why.
But No Strings Attached isn’t all fun and games. The characters are flawed, they end up misunderstanding each other, and they make huge mistakes (I’m glaring at Oliver.). Expect to be overwhelmed, your heart to be taken, a curse here or there, and then smiling. But above all else, expect to fall in love with this book.

Thank you Diana for another great read.

-Brenda Franklin

Before No Strings Attached there was Checkmate where we first meet Oliver, but more importantly you get to enjoy Dominick and Scarlett’s relationship and see the turn of events that lead them to where they are in this book. I’m trying not to give it away, but I’m doing a horrible job. J What I’m trying to say is, if you liked this book you will also love the first book, Checkmate.

About the author:
Diana Nixon is the author of fantasy and contemporary romances. She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she currently lives. In 2008 she graduated from Belorussian state University. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish, and Spanish.

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