Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review for the Vampire hunter's Daughter and Ghost of a Chance

The Vampire hunter’s Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright

This was a very interesting fast paced read that draws you in within the first couple of paragraphs. Your leading lady is 14-year-old Chloe, who from the very start is attacked my vampires and witnesses her mother’s death. In a surprise turn of events she is rescued by vampire hunters and finds out that it runs in her blood. Now, with her mother dead and vampires gunning for her, Chloe starts her new life as a vampire hunter.

It’s an easy read to finish in one sitting and my only issue about this series is that you have to buy it in installments. Though that would normally shy me away from my purchases, in this case, I can’t wait to read the rest and look forward to grabbing the others. Jennifer has done such a wonderful job and her writing is very refreshing. I would recommend this to a lot of people and already have. 5 stars!

Ghost of a Chance by S.J. Maciver

You’re two leading characters are Josh Hankins, how is a celebrity and can’t see past his image, and Tory Olson, who is his loyal personal/business manager. Within the first couple of chapters the characters must come to the realization that they had died! Yes! They have both passed into a more spiritual plain, but at the same time still walking among the living-so to speak.

You journey along with these two characters as they go through events/trials to try and move on with the guidance of Belle. Belle asks them to do certain things and if they say no it will lead to a not so pleasant punishment. As the story progress, which is quite slow at times, your characters begin to change and see that they care deeply for each other, but when Josh is given the chance to return only one of them to the living world who will he choose? Or is there another way to break free?

It’s a good moral booster for anyone looking for one of those ‘love conquers all’ tales. It does have its slow points. I found that it was easy to put down at times and get lost doing something else, but I always found a way back to it. In the end I’m glad I finished it. And the ending doesn't let you down. You’ll have to read the book and judge for yourself what you think, but I’d give it a four out of three. It was a nice little story, good character development, and I nice read. I give it a four out of five.

By Brenda Franklin author of the Pulse Trilogy. Twitter, FB, and goodreads to learn more about me and my works.

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