Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review of Phantom in the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love.

This is the first book of the BAD series that I have read and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I had heard mixed reviews about the book, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from reading another one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s works. I’m glad I read it and I will most likely begin reading author Dianna Love’s work soon after this. It really is a book I will add to my shelf of favorites. Now getting into the story…

You’re leading character is Special Forces member Nathan Drake who is quickly represented as a strong, self-sacrificing, and revenge seeking man after the death of his brother who sought out Nathan’s help in the beginning of the book for being tangled in the wrong crowd. Nathan later runs into Terri Mitchell, a new, gusty, female agent working for the Bureau of American Defense (BAD), who is working to bust an organized crime ring suspected of funding terrorism. The two of them end up crossing paths when the people Nathan is looking for are tied into Terri’s case.

Throughout the story--and many untrusting moments between both Terri and Nathan--they find themselves having to work together to not only survive, but to keep a threat from being unleashed on thousands of innocent people.

Without giving too much more information away I must say that it took me a little bit too really get into the story, but once chapter two was at my fingertips there was no shutting the book and walking away. The plot is thoroughly thought out with interestingly, well-rounded characters I would want to have conversations with. And a couple of characters I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley. I’m also glad to see that they mixed loads of action with the right amount of romantic flare. There were a few moments when the story was a bit much on the details, but you could keep up easily enough. Most of the time when I struggled to get the information clear in my head was because it was way past my bedtime!

The story does shift between POVs, which could be frustrating at times when you’re really into a character and you have to jump to someone else, but it’s not so bad as to take away from the book.

Sherrilyn Kenyon
All in all I have to give this book 5 stars.

Dianna Love
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