Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Grave Illusions by Lina Gardner

I really loved the concept of your leading lady, Jess, being saved by her brother through baptism. It was a completely different take on the world of vampires than anything I've read recently--something I found so refreshing. Though her outfit is a bit ridiculous for fighting, and I mean more so the six inch heels with the built in spike, who doesn't like having a woman in leather kicking butt? I would have gone with cotton because it breaths, but we all have our different tastes.

You’re leading man, John Britain, is like any other man who was kicked off the force for having ‘accidently’ killed his partner, never going to prison because the body went missing, sends money to his dead ex-partners grieving widow anonymously, divorced from his cheating wife, drinks too much, and lives in a crummy apartment working as a night taxi driver. I think that just about covers it all! But he’s a hell of a man that begins to straighten up his life when Jess offers him a job after almost seducing him at the beginning. The down side is that for the first twenty percent of the book you are going back and forth between Jess trying to recruit John as a vampire hunter and John unable to make up his mind about it because he not only wants to know more information but doesn't feel he deserves a second chance to work with the police.

As an added plus to the book, there were plenty of moments with sexual tension--though I was rooting for more in that department. Not to mention enough fights and surprises to keep you coming back for more. I know I did!

It was a fast read and easy to follow until you got to the last fifteen percent. Things began to not add up in conversation and some actions I wanted to ask the characters themselves, “what about that made sense” or “where’s the other guy”.  Though a few started to not add up, and the battles seemed lacking at the very end, I found it to still be a good and enjoyable read.

I give this book a four out of five and I would recommend this to several people.

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