Friday, July 25, 2014

ART POST - featuring Michael Cryer

Michael Cryer is a man with a knack for photography. He has spent a lot of time traveling due to his job and on these travels he has taken some extraordinary shots. So I'm going to share with you some of my favorites and the reason why.
This beautiful picture is alien like. The hues of pink and purple alone the cracking surface of lava truly makes this picture feel out of this world. Not to mention the addition of the enlarged moon in the background, which we know is Photoshoped, but it's outstanding.

The Windmill picture is simple and clean. I can see this on postcards (as I can see with most of his works) along with as a print hanging up on a wall in a room where the windows are open all the time and the smell of the air is fresh. Does it not evoke a feeling to go barefooted outside? And adding the detail reflection of the windmill in the puddle was a wonderful idea. It adds to the overall feel and life of this picture.

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The next picture I want to focus on is called, "My Conscious". This picture is beautiful and reminds me on being a child. The innocence and sense of discovery rushes back as I look at Pinocchio talking with Jiminy Cricket. the angle of the picture with the red flowers in the back ground truly add character and life to this setting. I can see it being a piece in a child's room or the center piece of a fantasy themed getaway room.

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Michael Cryer
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