Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm such a Geek/Nerd.

Good Morning!

For the longest of times I have considered myself a little bit of a Geek/Nerd and I find that in the past year it has really grown. I mean, I own a pair of Captain American PJ Bottoms, a Green Lantern Shirt, I have seen Every Marvel Movie that has come out, I watched SHIELD, and I can catch connections between the stories and give backgrounds into the characters to some degrees. haha It's so much fun to lean over and whisper into my husband’s ear exactly Who Nick Fury is or the story behind Captain America and what's to come with his friend based off of the comics, which there are many!!
The worlds of Marvel and DC are huge and ever changing! I love it. Absorbing all the information is both challenging and fun. It also helps for my own story building, character developments, and creative juices. It counts under research. haha

Nathan Fillion on Firefly
Another big thing I have started getting into was Joss Whedon things. Oh my gosh, I have been a big Firefly Fan and even Watch Castle because of Nathan Fillion, but I never wanted to watch Buffy or Angel. I was like, ‘this is before my time and so lame’. But let me tell you! I recorded several episodes and I'm addicted. I keep finding myself curled up in front of the TV and stopping Shawn from saying something because Buffy is being brought back from the dead or Spike is saying something insulting or Giles is...being Giles. :) I’m so addicted to the Gang that even now I'm still rethinking of the last episode I watched and wondering how far Willow is going to go with the dark magic. Now I haven't gotten onto watching Angel, but that just might be next!
My next addiction is this thing called Teen Wolf, I might be losing some points with people out there but the writers have really done some homework and taken this amazing concept and amped it up. Every episode is filled with so much conflict, mystery, suspense, and great dialogue that you can't look away. I came in on an episode where a character dies and I was at my TV like, NOOOOO!! What the heck? How did this happen to me?  Darn you awesome people that put out these TV shows to fill me with worry about the latest episode and rip out my heart when you leave me with cliff hangers!!

Wow, I feel like I was having a very random episode with this post. I went from Marvel/DC geek to Teen Wolf fan. I guess that is an okay leap. I wonder what’s next. My husband does have this series called Smallville he wants to watch. Maybe I’ll try that.

Are you a geek or have an obsession you want to share? what about a TV Series to watch? I'm willing to try watching anything once. :)

-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy.

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