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Book Review: Derek Agons Slays A Dragon

Title: Derek Agons Slays A Dragon

By: Samuel tucker Young
Pages: 207
Genre: Young Adult

Derek just found out that the natural disasters he's seen tearing up the world are not just random earthquakes and monsoons. They are the result of a dragon, hellbent on destroying the world as it lusts for the one thing it wants the most; the illuminating book that Derek just picked up in a parking lot off of a talking cat. Failing high school is the least of Derek's problems now, for the book has chosen him as its champion, destined to face the bloodthirsty dragon in a duel for the fate of the world. DEREK AGONS SLAYS A DRAGON is Young Adult Fantasy novel about the absurd journey of a high school junior who gets crossed and double crossed as he traverses modern day America in search of the beast. Accompanied by a furiously curious talking cat, Derek soon uncovers a hidden world deep within his own that is filled with books that glow with desire, an ancient order of talking animals clinging desperately to the past, and a mysterious girl who keeps the world turning. All of that, of course, plus the evil dragon Derek must slay to keep the world from ending.
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Derek Richard Agons is in high school just managing to crawl along. So when his teacher says that he has to attend an event where famous Prometheus is attending and signing books for the extra credit needed to survive, Derek is in no position to say no. And from there, everything goes crazy. Leaving the event Derek sees a dead black cat (supposedly dead) and ends up with a book, a magical book, which will lead him on an unforgettable journey to save the world.
With the cat alive and talking nonsense, the book glowing and guiding him with a beautiful girl, a crazy professor (Prometheus) hunting for it, and a council of animals after the cat and now Derek, there isn’t much room for Derek to catch his breath and fully understand the severity of what is truly going on, until it is too late.
Having faced the dragon, learned the truth, and discovered something evil Derek makes the decision that separates the men from the boys. He decides that there is no turning back. No matter how scared he is it’s all up to him and his new comrades to stop a great evil from destroying he world.
Reading this book it does a bit of switching between views, not enough to through you off, but enough so you can truly get a sense of the severity of what’s to come and not fully grasp whose truly evil and what’s at stake. You’re main characters: Derek, the cat, and Prometheus are all fun. Derek is your hero, Prometheus is the classic villain, and the cat…well, for a while I wasn’t exactly sure what side the cat was on. He’s an interesting balance and mystery to the trio. Granted there are plenty of other characters to love and I did. I don’t want to give too much away.
The main plot for the book, going by the title, would appear to be to slay a dragon, but that is a tad mis leading, along with the design of the cover. The cover made me think this would range in the middle grade area, but it isn't. It's a for sure young adult. Slaying a dragon is a part of the book, but I don’t think it was the focus, though it is a great title and an eye catcher to me. But then again, saying ‘Derek Agons Slays A Dragon’ is so much easier then saying ‘Derek Agaons misguided adventure to slay a dragon by a mischievous cat who unleashes the end of the world’… yeah… Slays a Dragon is way easier.
It is amazing all the detail that has gone into this book and the story told within 207 pages. I stepped back a couple of times to process all the information and then went running to my husband to retell the entire story to him, God, I’m so blessed to have such a great man who is willing to listen to me ramble for hours on end. Haha
When you finish reading the book you are left feeling ready for battle, I know I was. I finished the last chapter and I just wanted to pick up a blade and go forth to help in the fight. Haha So let’s just say that it has a great ending that gives you all the information you need with a lovely little bow on top after plenty of explanations, now, where’s book two? I haven’t heard if there is a second book, but I hope so. I really want to know if we survived. And I will keep you posted on that.
All in all, I believe that Derek Agons Slays A Dragon is worthy of 5 stars and a placement on my shelf next to my Narnia and Tolkien, I know it’s an odd placement, but it’s my shelf. J

-Brenda Franklin, author of The Pulse trilogy.

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