Friday, April 4, 2014

Reads and Reading of the Week!

I have read:
In the past few days I have Read three books by Christine Feehan. I just can’t get enough of her writing. I’ve been stuck on her GhostWalker Series, which is filled with action, romance, and scientific technical stuff to quench my thirst for weeks to come. Haha I feel like I’m learning new things and understanding tactical warfare. It’s pretty fun. Do you ever feel that way? If so, what book or books gave you that feeling?

Mind Games:

Possessed of an extraordinary telekinetic gift, Dahlia Le Blanc has spent her life isolated from other people. And just when she thinks she’s finally achieved some semblance of peace, her well-orchestrated world comes crashing down...
For a reason she cannot guess, she has become the target of deadly assassins. Suddenly no place is safe - not even the secret refuge she’s established long ago. Now she must rely on Nicolas Trevane - a dangerous warrior sent to track her down and protect her. Together they generate a scorching heat Dahlia never imagined was possible. But can she trust this man with her secrets – especially when some people would kill to get their hands on them?

8335119Ruthless Games:

Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male—animalistic, sexual, protective, instinctive—and his past missions have prepared him for anything. But his newest assignment, to rescue hostages in Mexico , plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated: the hiding place of Rose Patterson—fugitive, ex-lover, a fellow Ghostwalker pregnant with his child.
Rose is in flight from the insidious experiments that still live in her dreams, and from the madman who’d do anything to take her child. Of all the Ghostwalkers enlisted to hunt her down, Kane is the only one she can trust. But as their passion reignites, the stakes are raised. Because Kane is now a wanted man as well. And together they’re about to face the most desperate challenge of all: staying together and staying alive.

Another great series is the Leopard Series by Christine Feehan. Come on, shape shifting hunks with an animal urge, count me in. ;) I can see the similarities between the series, but they are still very different and I love it. I can’t wait to go back to the book store and get more.

8736458Savage Nature:

When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police.  But there’s a problem--it looks like the victim may have been killed by a big cat, and her brothers are all shape-shifting leopards.
Sent to investigate by the land’s owner, leopard shifter Drake Donovan is ready for anything—except the insatiable hunger that rocks him when he meets Saria.  Deep in his soul he knows that she is destined to be his mate.  Torn between protecting her brothers and finding the truth, Saria treads warily around the powerful shifter.  Yet as they venture deep into the mysterious bayou on a hunt for the killer, Saria finds herself longing for Drake’s touch and the sweet release of surrender…

I am reading:

I am reading a book called Derek Agon Slays a Dragon by Samuel Tucker Young. Let me tell you, this book is nothing like I expected. The cover appears to be hand drawn and visual tells me this is a Middle Grade book, but as you start reading the detailed and beautifully descriptive book I really think it’s for an older audience (young Adult). Sam would be amused by me because I have little sticky notes pointing at my favorite lines in the book, and there are a lot.
Derek just found out that the natural disasters he's seen tearing up the world are not just random earthquakes and monsoons. They are the result of a dragon, hellbent on destroying the world as it lusts for the one thing it wants the most; the illuminating book that Derek just picked up in a parking lot off of a talking cat. Failing high school is the least of Derek's problems now, for the book has chosen him as its champion, destined to face the bloodthirsty dragon in a duel for the fate of the world. DEREK AGONS SLAYS A DRAGON is Young Adult Fantasy novel about the absurd journey of a high school junior who gets crossed and double crossed as he traverses modern day America in search of the beast. Accompanied by a furiously curious talking cat, Derek soon uncovers a hidden world deep within his own that is filled with books that glow with desire, an ancient order of talking animals clinging desperately to the past, and a mysterious girl who keeps the world turning. All of that, of course, plus the evil dragon Derek must slay to keep the world from ending.

12721855I am also reading the Weaver Sage book one, by John Abramowitz. And let me tell you john, yesterday I saw Lucian!! I mean, I was driving and suddenly there someone was in my perfect image of Lucian. Talk about getting chills. And I think every girl needs a Tyler. Haha

Fifteen-year old Alex Cronlord just met the boy of her dreams. Literally. Unfortunately, the dream involved him killing her. When she encounters him at her school the next morning, Alex understandably freaks out – and her mother’s bizarre behavior only makes it worse. What Alex doesn’t realize is that she can see the future – which will get her into a whole lot of trouble.

Across town, FBI Agent Moira McBain and her partner Andy Hall investigate a series of house burnings in Dallas, Texas. When a clue leads them to the Cronlords, Moira discovers a disturbing link between Alex’s family and her own – which opens an old wound Moira has spent years trying to ignore.

Something is rotten in Dallas, Texas – something involving a secret society, children with extraordinary powers, and human-looking creatures who might literally be out of this world ….

Welcome to a different kind of world-wide web

Book 1: A Steady Pulse
Book 2: Barely Beating

Brenda Franklin

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